10 Ways To Build a Strong Practice for A Successful Life

1: Consistency: A good strong practice is developed over a long period of time and we should understand this from the very beginning. We must be in it for the long haul and practice like we eat, everyday, and several times a day, even if some of the sessions are short. Just as we nourish the body best with rest, exercise; and nourishing food, our practice should be based on good teachings, authentic teachings.

2: Be patient with yourself and believe in yourself.

3: Discipline desires, but don't suppress them. A good practitioner is able to sublimate the energy of desire and direct it inward, and rest in the sense of fulfillment this brings.

4: Keep the body light and pliant, diet disciplined, and sleep not too much nor too little.

5: Choose a practice that suits your temperament and stay with it. Since the fault usually lies in the application, always look to improve how you practice and don't worry so much about which technique is best.

6: Keep your life as simple as possible, with the fewest distractions.

7: Cultivate friendships with others who are better than you or your equal.

8: Seek out a good teacher and put his advice into practice. Rely on instructions from authentic sutra texts when no teacher is available.

9: Put aside all thoughts about progress and just work hard. You'll know when you get there.

10: Be sincere. More than anything else, being sincere will assure your success.
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