4 Common Behaviors That Attract Toxic People

There is definitely a lot to be said about toxic people who have nothing but the worst intentions for the people they meet in person. When it comes to dealing with them, you have to ask yourself if these certain personality traits about them are worth sticking around for.
Sure, they may seem very interesting in that moment in time, however, it's important that we recognize when something is volatile and deal with it with the appropriate response.
Some people may not even know that they have these bad qualities in their personality. Regardless, that's no excuse for them to behave the way that they are toward people that have done nothing wrong to them to begin with. If you are worried about developing toxic habits, then keep an eye out for these personality traits.

1. Extremely Negative

If the person you are seeing just so happens to be one of the most negative human beings that you've ever met, then you should address this as a toxic trait in their personality. Being relentlessly negative all the time gets you nowhere and diminishes your self-esteem. It's important for you to address this issue with the person you want to continue seeing, otherwise, you may just develop their negativity yourself.

2. Past Dweller

If the person you are seeing can't let go of their or your past experiences, then you should address this as a toxic trait in their personality. People who dwell too much on the past are not fully living in the present moment. You cannot allow yourself to be with someone who can't get over something that happened five years ago. If you do decide to stay with this person and continue seeing them without addressing the problem, then you better expect them to find little things to be mad at you about.

3. Overly-Jealous

People who are extremely jealous are some of the most toxic people you could ever be with. If the person you are with happens to be extremely jealous, then you are going to have to either confront them about this poor quality in their personality, or leave them all together. The thing is, when you're in a relationship you have to be willing to place all of your trust in that other person, without worrying whether they are going to get jealous or not if you decide to go hangout with some of your closest friends.

4. Way Too Personal

If the person you are seeing happens to take the things you say to them way too personally, then you may have to confront them about this toxic trait or possibly consider moving onto someone else. People who take things too personally can hold a grudge for years and years without telling you. This leads to pent up resentment towards you and can result in a massive explosion of emotional stress.
Save yourself some time and let these toxic people find each other. It is important we look at these toxic traits as "room to improve".
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