5 Kidney Damage Symptoms You Are Most Likely To Ignore!

A disease or health problem usually causes symptoms. Do you know what will happen if your kidneys fail to filter out waste materials from the blood? Read the article below to learn the symptoms of kidney damage and what you can do to improve their function!
Pain in the lower back
Pain in the lower back is often an indication of kidney damage or improper kidney function. The pain will start only on one side of the body, but will be felt on both sides after a while. If you’re sleeping on one side, it probably is the side where the kidneys are damaged. Sometimes, you will wake up overnight or get up in the morning and be unable to pee easily, while feeling pain in the lower back. These symptoms must not be ignored – they are the earliest symptoms of kidney damage.
Rashes, dryness and itching
These symptoms on your skin are caused by waste build-up in the blood due to the kidneys not functioning optimally. This is a serious symptom, and applying creams topically won’t resolve it.
Urinary function changes
If the kidneys are unable to produce urine, the urinary function will change and you can expect the following problems:
  • Foamy or bubbly urine
  • Frequent urination overnight
  • Pale urine if you frequently urinate, or dark urine if you urinate less
  • Difficulty urinating or feeling pressure while doing it
  • Blood in the urine
If you notice change in your urine’s color, you are almost surely suffering from kidney damage.
Swelling in different parts of the body
Kidneys eliminate waste materials and extra fluids from the body. If more fluid accumulates, the kidneys will have problems removing it, leading to swelling in the face, legs, ankles and hands. If you noticed this symptom, you need to visit your doctor immediately.
Fatigue and weakness
Kidneys produce erythropoietin, a hormone that assists in the creation of red blood cells. When the number of these cells is reduced, anemia occurs. If the oxygen delivery to the cells is reduced, you can expect fatigue and weakness.
Kidney damage causes
Kidney damage is usually caused by heavy metals such as cadmium. It can enter the body through the environment due to burning of coal and oil, or incineration of municipal waste. Cadmium is usually found in phosphate fertilizers and cigarettes.
How to improve the kidney function?
Only a healthy diet and lifestyle will help you improve your kidney function. You need to quit smoking and avoid products containing cadmium, while consuming fresh fruit and vegetable and a glass of cranberry juice every day.
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