6 Common Habits Of Unhappy People (And How To Be Happy)

If you know someone who has recently become depressed or simply unhappy in general, then you may want to look for these six bad habits to identify what kind of behavioral issues they are suffering from and how you can help them overcome these struggles.
Being unhappy or depressed can be a very energy consuming process that is constantly draining them of all motivation 24/7. It is important that you remain patient with them as they go at their own pace in restoring their happiness once again.

1. Future Worry

People who are depressed or unhappy usually have a sense of worry for what might happen in the future. They are never truly living in the moment and choose to look far ahead into their lives thinking of all the horrible outcomes they could suffer from.
It is important you try to remind them that they must live fully in the present, otherwise they will never truly be happy with what is going on in the future. Focus on the here and now, what they can improve on and how they can get themselves back to being happy.

2. Won't Let Go Of The Past

Depressed or unhappy people often dwell on their past mistakes and regret a lot of the things that they use to do. This ties to the first habit we discussed of not truly living in the present moment.
In order for them to regain their happiness, they are going to have to stop being so hard on themselves for previous mistakes that they will never be able to fix. They must be able to forgive themselves as well as whatever happened in order for them to move on officially.

3. Extremely Negative

Depressed or unhappy people will resort to extreme negative addictions. Usually food being the main go to for comfort or sometimes going even further to more dire substances like drug abuse and alcohol abuse for relieving themselves of existing.
It's important that we try to get them the help that they need in order to get over their nasty habits and for them to begin the recovery process from all of the horrible things they've consumed in the past years or however long they've been unhappy.

4. Impulse Spending

This is usually one of the more obvious habits of depressed and unhappy people is that they will impulsively buy things to get an additional emotional boost for themselves for a chance of feeling temporary peace within.
This can result in a very self-destructive manner, sometimes people do not know how to turn off their impulse buying and over-spend way too much money on things they never even needed to begin with.

5. Hard On Themselves/Others

People who are depressed or unhappy are more often than not hard on themselves as well as others. They find unnecessary criticisms to make on themselves and deliberately tell others what they are doing wrong without giving any friendly advice afterward.
They focus on the things that need desperate improvements, yet, they carry themselves in a very ugly way because of it. It's important to remind them that everyone is built differently and that it's not a competition between anyone but themselves.

6. Consistent Complaints

People who are depressed or unhappy tend to complain almost about everything. They have a hard time finding the bright side in things they want to enjoy, so they feel the need to let others know just how unhappy they are with whatever is going on. Even if it's the smallest of details, they can sometimes over-exaggerate just how big the problem really is. It's important to remind them that even if things aren't perfect, at least they still have the chance to experience something they've never had before.
Hopefully this has helped with identifying who is unhappy or depressed among your people, it's good to let them know that you will be there for them through thick and thin, regardless of whatever happens. If the situation appears to be way too out of control, then you may have to remove yourself from their life entirely.
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