Here’s How You’re Making Yourself Unhappy, According To Buddha

Don’t Worry, be Happy

We strive for happiness. It’s what everyone desires.
But if you’re deeply sad and feel like you can’t escape it, happiness can seem out of reach.
According to Buddha, this is because we largely make up our minds as to whether or not we’re happy.
Weird to think that…but what if it’s true?
Buddha says you must surrender.
But surrendering doesn’t mean you’re a doormat; instead it means you’re letting go of things that don’t serve you.
And according to Buddhism, these 5 rules show how you can accept some of the hardest realities and be happy despite them.

1. People who put us down

It might be hard to accept, but the best thing you can do for yourself is to let go of those who hurt you.
How can you fix this?
You have to understand that you’re powerful, and that you can change your life at any moment. You can easily stop talking to those that don’t lift you up- if you want.
Remember, your future is in your hands.

2. Negative thinking

Negative thinking makes you think the worst, no matter the situation.
It makes you expect failure and betrayal at every corner.
How can you fix this?
Trying to reason with it only increases the crazy erratic thought that’re driving you nuts. So instead of hiding it, go to a quiet place and let your thinking go wild for a bit.
You can write down all the cruel judgments and lastly, recognize your negative voice as nothing but a 2-year-old’s tantrum. Then you can let it pass.

3. Putting yourself down

Self-criticism and self-doubt can hurt you worse than any other form of negativity.
This is how it works: When you think you have low self-worth, other people’s opinions become an affirmation of your innermost thoughts and you let them affect you, which is just awful.
How can you fix this?
Know your strengths. Get to know yourself better, and be proud of your achievements. Work towards small, positive goals every day.

4. Taking things too personally

I do this all the time…not gonna lie, it’s one of my biggest flaws.
But most people do.
We often put ourselves in the equation when someone offends us in some way.
Don’t be paranoid and over think it.
How can you fix this?
Just stop overthinking. Try not to cling to these emotions, and stop wallowing for things that don’t need space in your lives.
Practice the art of letting go.
The more you do that, the happier you’ll be.

5. Dwelling on bad memories

It’s easy to dwell on things that happened in the past; we’re all guilty of that.
Scientifically speaking, emotional experiences tend to be the most memorable of all, and negative emotions even more so.
But you don’t need to replay them again and again.
How can you fix this?
Know what triggers you and sends you in that thinking-about-the-past zone.
Don’t drag the emotions by reigniting the thoughts because the trigger-response recreates the past.
Make some space for new memories, and create a positive life from here on out.
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