How To Let Go Of Worries To Be Free And Happy ? Here Is the BUDDHIST Way

Worrying is Natural

Are you stressed out and worried about something going on in your life?
Do you feel like things are a little overwhelming, and that you could use a break?
Well welcome to the club! Unfortunately, this is a very normal part of life. Everyone worries and stresses once in awhile. Or maybe they even go through a phase where stress seems to be coming at them from every angle.
But there is a healthy way of letting go of stress…

Let Yourself Feel and be Mindful

One of the most important aspects of dealing with stress in the right way is letting yourself feel what you’re feeling.
It’s really easy to suppress feelings or emotions. Everybody does it. But that doesn’t mean that it’s for the best!
Dive into your emotions and let yourself feel them. 
But after you have really felt them, practice mindfulness and watch your emotions. This is a powerful Buddhist technique that helps to shift perspective. 

Break it Down

Having felt your emotions and having allowed yourself to see them from a distance, it’s time to really break it down and try understand where your anxiety is coming from.
Sometimes breaking things down logically can help us to understand where that feeling is coming from…fear of the unknown or fear of change is usually the biggest culprit.
Whatever it is, identify it to the best of your ability.

Let it Go and be Strong

If you notice stress effects you in a negative way, what’s the incentive of holding onto it?
In reality, there is no reason to hold onto something that doesn’t lift us up. It hinders our growth and prevents us from leading a fulfilling life. 
Following the Buddhist technique mentioned above, watching the emotions allows us to see past the identification with those destructive feelings.
The important thing to remember is that worrying or having anxiety is optional. You don’t have to experience that. The only reason you do feel so wrapped up in it is….because you want to.
Let it go and be strong! You can do it.
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