These 3 Things Will Happen When You Follow Buddhism

The Unknown Laws of Buddhism

Buddha said it all.
He touched on lifestyle, morality, values, and ethics.
He seemingly left no stone un-turned.
But there were things that he should have said that he didn’t.

1. Your life is about to change…forever

There’s no doubt that Buddha was a transformative figure.
Both on an worldwide and personal level, Buddha advocated radical change.

One word: happiness.
Buddha taught that the way we seek happiness is completely flawed; seeking happiness from external circumstances never leads to fulfillment.
In fact, it leads to disappointment, dejection, and sadness.
In contrast, seeking happiness from within completely turns that equation around- suddenly happiness flows much more easily, without the fear of disappointment.
This completely shifts the way you look at life, especially when you begin incorporating meditation.

2. Things wont “stick” to you the way they did

Normally, when life goes awry, it seems to stick to you; that is, it makes you upset, hurts your feelings, etc.
But when you recognize that happiness flows from within, you know that you can overcome anything thrown your way.
It’s almost like you’re wearing a layer of armor that’s resistant to the bullets that life sometimes shoots your way.

3. You will attract attention

When someone says they’re going to make changes to their life, a lot times it simply doesn’t work out.
This is because there nothing internal changing.
The inner doesn’t reflect the outer.
But the path of Buddhism is all about the inner.
That creates a real change in a person, and people pick up on that.
They respect you for it, and they actually become open to your influence.
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