This Is What The Rich And Powerful Don't Want You To Know About Nikola Tesla

At the end of his life, Nikola Tesla died penniless. The United States government confiscated his journals. He was largely forgotten until the last few years. But why was Tesla so suppressed? Did the government want to steal his technology?
Some of Tesla's most famous inventions deal with energy, one of the most important, and most valuable, resources. Tesla believed, and was able to demonstrate, that energy could be pulled from the air and that we don't need any fancy nuclear power plants or polluting coal power plants. Can you imagine what such advancements would do to the pockets of the rich?
Tesla had hundreds, if not thousands of other ideas for inventions that we simply do not know of. In his life, he patented hundreds of inventions, which offers us a glimpse into his world. Releasing his notes is necessary to understanding his work and potentially even bringing us into the next century.
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