Touch The End Your Toes”Then” You Will Know Heart Problem Or Not ( Read More)

This is a simple method to find out if you have some kind of problem with your heart. It is a simple and effective method that you can do by only touching the tip of your toes. The test will show if you are good or not with the effect of touching the toe. If you reach the toe it means your heart is healthy and if you don’t it means you have some kind of heart problem.

The instructions are simple. Sit on the floor with your feet extended forwards and the toes pointing up. Next, try to reach your tip of the toe with your hands. If you touch the toe it means you are flexible and your heart is healthy.
The study about this method has been published in the journal Heart and Circulatory Physiology and it contained many medical experts’ opinions from Japan and US. The study was conducted on 526 participants between the age of 20 and 83 years old. Their blood pressure is being monitored the whole time the method took place. The people who couldn’t reach their toes showed stiff blood vessels and increased risk of heart disease.
The Japanese doctor who was leading this research said that if you can touch your toes while sitting your heart works properly, and if not you need to consult a cardiologist.
But this doctor also says that this method is not 100 % definite meaning that if you can`t reach your toe it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are suffering from a heart disease and to be sure you need to consult a cardiologist.
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