What your marriage line says about your marriage:

1. Close to the heart line
When there are two or more lines close together, choose the longest one. This is a sign of early marriage, maybe in the 20’s.

2.Close to the base of little finger
This is a sign of late marriage. But, do not give up you will find a good partner. Chances for marriage will come from 35 to 50 years old.
3.Exactly in the middle between heart line and the base of ring finger
You will probably marry around 30 years old.

4.So many lines
If you have one line that is shorter than the others, then it is a sign of marriage luck.

5.A really long single line
You will love only one person for a lifetime.You are blessed with a happy and long-lasting marriage.

6.There’s a star appear close or attached to the line
This is a sign of a good luck. It is a sign about a new relationship, marriage, or children.

7. The line goes upward
Your desire for marriage has been increasing. Maybe you will find your ideal partner or you will have a happy marriage.

8. The line goes downward
The reasons for running out of stamina are: work, stress, and being too cautious in choosing your partner.
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