4 KIDNEY Damage Symptoms You Are Most Likely To Ignore!

As with most diseases, early detection is the key to successful treatment of kidney disease. You need to learn how to recognize the early symptoms in order to catch the disease on time and improve your chances of recovery. However, the problem with kidney disease is that its early symptoms are similar to other conditions which is why they are often misinterpreted.

Low back pain requires immediate medical attention
If you experience low back pain on the side you’re sleeping on, it may be a sign that the kidney on that side is damaged. The pain is often accompanied by painful urination which is relieved if you get out of bed in the middle of the night.
Skin diseases
The usual symptoms of kidney failure are skin itching and dryness. The kidneys are responsible for eliminating waste materials from your body, so any kind of dysfunction can result in skin conditions such as rashes.
Swelling of different body parts
The swelling of body parts is another symptom of kidney disease. When the kidneys’ function is compromised, waste accumulates in the body and causes swelling in different body parts.
The color of your urine matters
Kidney dysfunction causes changes in your urine color and concentration, which needs to be immediately addressed.
Kidney failure causes anemia
Besides being responsible for detoxification of the body, the kidneys are also in charge of oxygen transport to the red blood cells through the release of a vitamin called erythropoietin. If your kidneys are damaged, this process is interrupted and may result in anemia.
Cadmium is also a culprit
Cadmium is a heavy metal we usually ingest through certain foods, but it can cause kidney disease as well.
How to prevent kidney failure
Avoiding risk factors such as smoking or cadmium ingestion are crucial if you want to avoid kidney damage.
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