5 Signs You’re Actually A Genius And Didn’t Know It

There are so many different kinds of intelligence, and they can manifest in unexpected ways. Some people go through their entire lives feeling as though they’re utterly ordinary, never knowing or understanding that there is a brilliance lurking beneath the surface in them.

Of course we can’t all be proficient in everything, but if you can relate to the 5 signs listed below, you just might be a secret genius!

1. You have a ravenous need to know.

People who have hidden intelligence have a deep seated need to learn about everything possible. They find themselves constantly questioning how things work, what they’re made of, and how they can be improved.
Curiosity goes hand in hand with high brain function, and this voracious appetite for knowledge is something that has probably stuck with you from childhood. Deep down, you’re a scientist and you want to understand the ins and outs of absolutely everything.

2. You love to read.

Many find reading a bit on the “boring” side to be an enjoyable leisure activity, but your personal love of reading and books shows that you crave that mental expansion. You’re able to focus on and retain the information in your books, it helps to satisfy that hunger for education in you. Others may carve out extra time in their schedules for parties and friends, you do it just so you can sit down for a good read.

3. You enjoy mysteries, puzzles and strategy challenges.

The more a brain is capable of, the more it needs regular and consistent exercise. This is why anyone of significantly greater intelligence is probably very interested and involved in games and activities of this nature.
Brains need challenges just like race horses need to run. If you have a passion for things such as chess, mystery novels or true crime, or even simpler puzzles like Sudoku, you’ve got a well-trained brain with loads of potential.

4. You’re often forgetful.

Many people mistakenly believe that forgetfulness means someone is a little slow or dim, but it’s actually quite the opposite. The type of brain that tends to forget things, particularly small mundane details, is a busy one.
Your head is so occupied with so many thoughts, ideas and questions at all times that you’re bound to lose some of the less interesting bits of information floating around in there.

5. You often talk to yourself.

Talking to yourself is something that humans do in order to reinforce ideas and solidify concepts or theories. It helps us clarify our thought process and come to more coherent conclusions when we don’t have another person to bounce them off of.
It can be much easier to find the answers you’re looking for when you treat the process like a discussion, rather than a monologue.
source and courtesy: dailyvibes
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