7 Everyday Food Items That Could Kill You If Eaten Raw

Ok, so we are all aware that certain foods contain harmful toxins and chemicals that can cause various chronic diseases. But, did you know that there are certain very common foods that may even cause death if eaten raw?

Yes, it’s true! We might not have known about it as consumption of these are not very common. In a panic mode already? Good! Here goes –

1. Apple Seeds

An apple a day keeps a doctor away, but did you know that an apple seed can have the reverse effect on your body? The reason? Apple seeds contain traces of cyanide that may make you feel nauseated or sick. However, a small amount, like a seed or two cannot prove to be fatal. However, if you have enough of them, you may die!

 2. Nutmeg

Nutmeg contains myristicin, and consumption of even small amounts of this spice can lead to hallucinogenic symptoms (we are not kidding at all!). The consumption of 5 grams of nutmeg is enough to cause convulsions. If you have more than that, you may suffer from seizures as well! Do not try to mess around with this spice.

3. Cassava

This famous shrub contains cyanide in high amounts. Though the woody shrub is a staple snack in Africa, which they either boil or steam, the leaves and roots are very rich in cyanide.

4. Kidney Beans

Remember, we are talking about eating it raw! I know rajma is one of the favorite dishes of most people, especially vegetarians, but these kidney beans, when consumed raw, can directly take you to your grave. Raw rajma contains cyanide, and when these beans are crushed, they form hydrogen cyanide, which can be fatal to your health. So, never ever swallow raw rajma!

5. Potatoes

Somebody dying because of eating potatoes is not a very common occurrence. However, when the leaves and stems of potatoes are kept for a long time and turn green, they produce a toxic element known as glycoalkaloid that is not good for our body. Enjoy the potatoes but leave them alone when you notice them turning green!

6. Cashews

Raw cashews contain urushiol, which is poisonous for our body. Thus, they are processed thoroughly before they are ready to consume. Only have cashews that are marked ready to be consumed.

7. Almonds (Bitter Ones)

Almonds are both sweet and bitter. Sweet almonds are edible whereas bitter almonds are used to extract oils. But eating a handful of bitter almonds can cause serious troubles as they contain high amounts of cyanide.
These everyday food items can kill you if eaten raw. If you have eaten any of the above-mentioned items recently, better rush and see a doc immediately.
source and courtesy: stylecraze.com
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