How WHOLE Turmeric Heals The Damaged Brain

A recent research has discovered that a well-known spice can actually heal and regenerate damaged brain cells. This is a groundbreaking discovery, as it was previously though that damaged brain cells cannot be regenerated.
Turmeric is a healing spice that offers numerous health benefits. Different studies and trials have shown that it has over 600 health benefits and it has been used as a treatment for various diseases for centuries. Researches in the last decade have focused on a phytocompound in turmeric called curcumin, which is the active ingredient of the spice as well as the primary polyphenol. It also gives turmeric that nice golden color. The research resulted in the development of the phospholipid bound curcumin concentrate that can support the body’s absorption and activity of curcumin. Sadly, the studies and research are limited as curcumin isolates have the ability to transfer only a fraction of turmeric’s healing power.
This trend of examining the effects of a single compound of an ingredient continues in the nutraceutical industry, with a goal of using the substance as a natural drug. Scientists are conducting isolation and extraction processes and creating specific formulas that give the manufacturers owners’ rights over natural products, bringing benefits only to the companies, not to the patients. However, not all natural ingredients contain a single magic substance – they contain millions of compounds that are connected by Mother Nature.
Why Curcumin Alone Is Less Effective?
According to a study published in the Stem Cell Research and Therapy journal, curcumin’s effects are responsible for most of the health benefits of turmeric. Turmeric contains a fat-soluble compound called Ar-turmerone that can improve regeneration in neurologic disorders and diseases. This substance was recently examined by German scientists who were trying to examine its effects. Ar-turmerone is commonly found in turmeric and neural stem cells, brain cells that can regenerate and lead to brain repair. When these cells came in touch with Ar-turmerone, they experienced improved proliferation and their numbers increased. The NSCs that were just formed came with a bigger number of fully grown neuronal cells, confirming the positive effects of Ar-turmerone.
The effects of the substance were tested in animal trials by administering injections directly in rats’ brains. This lead to increased production of the neural stem cells and creation of new, healthy brain cells. This interesting study has grabbed all attention in the medical news.

The Largest Turmeric Database – Confirms Turmeric’s Ability to Protect and Save Brain
This database is the greatest source of medical data in the world, containing more than 1800 natural substances, turmeric included. They have abstracts on more than 1600 studies focused on the healing benefits of turmeric and curcumin, which show that they can heal over 600 diseases. Additionally, the analysis provides information on more than 150 physiological pathways like Interleukin 6 down-regulator and COX-2 inhibitor through which turmeric and curcumin can be effective. The database also contains studies that show the neuroprotective properties of turmeric.
How to unlock turmeric’s full potential?
Taking the studies in consideration, it’s clear that the entire plant is the most efficient solution for treating diseases as curcumin alone cannot provide these benefits. When consuming turmeric or curcumin, we need to focus more on the quality instead of quantity.
The consumption of turmeric and curcumin takes a personal approach, meaning that different individuals need different quantities. If you are suffering from polyps or colonic inflammation, you can rely on turmeric over curcumin to solve the problem. In this case, using a curcumin supplement might be easily absorbed in the small intestine, going through the liver and ending up in the large intestine, leaving you with only traces of the compound. Take a teaspoon of turmeric for this digestive problem as it is harder to absorb and will reach its goal in the desired form quickly.
In cases of brain cancer or arthritis, taking curcumin along some black pepper via a glucuronidation barrier located in the liver or bound supported by phospholipids will be a perfect choice. The nutraceutical model can bring positive results if it’s used in the right way.
When you’re dealing with a condition, the best way to treat it is to catch it right in the start. Small quantities of food extract and herbs combined with compounds with synergic properties will be able to help early. According to a recent study, small doses of rosemary along food taken every day can improve the cognitive function, while bigger doses of the herb had a negative impact on the same functions. This is why using turmeric in smoothies and other combinations is the best way to benefit from it. Capsules and similar products will provide some effects, but they won’t be as effective.
Source and courtesy: weeklyhealthylife
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