6 Things That Contain Cancer Causing Chemicals (and You Probably Use Them Every Day)

Did you know that there are some things that contain cancer causing chemicals and you use them almost every day? Let’s see and analyze them.

Recently, we have been bombed about the dangers of formaldehyde, nitrobenzene, and PVC.
These carcinogens can be found in everyday items such as paints, perfumes, shampoos, plastics, and rubber. But there are more dangerous items that we use in our homes every day.
By simply throwing or quitting using these six items that contain cancer causing chemicals, you might save yourself and your family. The knowledge about how to protect our lives can help us to avoid dangerous conditions of the modern era.

1. Artificial air Freshener

If you want to refresh the air in your home a good idea is to frequently open the windows. Try planting some plants in your windows or balcony. Herbs like basil could do miracles! Try to avoid artificial aromas. A research has shown that artificial aromatics used in small and poorly ventilated areas release various toxins.
This is due to two substances ethylenebased glycol ether, and terpene. The first is toxic by itself, but when combined, they are forming apure breathable poison.

2. Non stick pans

It is great to cook with nonstick cookware. Even greater to wash it afterward. But as soon as the non-stick pan is heated, the coating begins to decompose at a molecular level. This is producing many carcinogen particles which we intake together with the food.
A great alternative is the ceramic pots and pans which are also resistant to sticking and very easy to wash afterward.

3. Artificial sweeteners

Sugar has been one of the most loved and hated ingredients in our everyday diet. Even though we know that it’s not the most healthy thing we can eat, we still crave its sweet taste. Therefore, the food industry is bombing us for decades with artificial sweeteners. It’s simple – if it’s not natural, it’s poisonous.

For example, Stevia or Xylitol are totally natural and much better solution than any artificial sweetener. Avoid foods with added Sorbitol, Acesulfame K, Aspartame, Saccharin. These are products of a chemical laboratory, while Stevia and Xylitol come from plants.

4. Plastic food containers and bottles

Whenever you store food in a plastic container think about this: when food is placed in a plastic container it mixes with chemicals from plastic on a molecular level. For example, Bisphenol A is used to harden the plastic in bottles and Tupperware. Many studies have shown that it is very bad for our health. Plastic bottles containing liquids are also a thing to avoid. Instead use glass or metallic containers! The best solution is ceramic. Try to use the liquids only from glass bottles.

5. Industrial cleaning products

Think about the microorganisms. As you are trying to kill them, you are harming your health as well. With the industrial products most of the time we are poisoning ourselves by trying to clean our home. There are many natural alternatives. Some of them you can make from basic kitchen ingredients. Vinegar, lemon, baking soda and salt could do miracles.

6. Too many screens

Most of the homes today have a screen in every room. Whether it’s a TV or a computer screen, tablet or a mobile phone. We can’t escape exposure to natural radiation. This is something that we cannot control. But just how much we are exposed to man-made radiation?
This is something that we can and must control.  Try to have at least one room in your home which does not have any screen. Spend a quality time with your family in this room. Everybody will benefit from it!
source and courtesy: lifeadvancer.com
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