Stop Doing These 6 Things and Find Your True Love

Do you wake up each day wondering what happened to Mr. Right?

He should have shown up five years ago and you should have had two kids by now. All the plans you had in your mind seems to have fallen apart, disappeared in front of your very eyes.

So, now you’re struggling through life intent on securing that man or woman you had envisioned..
All your waking hours are spent finding that perfect someone.Your entire life becomes a devotion to manifesting the partner you had already hoped would be here.
If love has been elusive to you and you’re having difficulty materializing that perfect someone, here’s a tip: Let go of the struggle.
By that, I mean, stop making your whole life about finding a partner.
When you invest all your emotional and mental energy to finding love, you’re coming from a place of neediness, desperation and self-doubt.
The problem isn’t that you can’t find someone. The problem is that you’re not okay without someone.
The problem is that you are preoccupied with the search; you’ve turned your life singularly into materializing a romance. You’re clutching onto, fighting, and yes, even struggling to manifest love.

Finding love doesn’t have to be a struggle.
I’ve tried it both ways.
I tried desperately seeking love to find incompatible dates and partners who were wrong for me. I thought about meeting the right partner constantly, plotted my days on how to find her and spent an unhealthy amount of time on the “perfect” person.
Then, I tried something else that seems more effortless and fruitful.

Here are 6 Ways to Effortlessly Attract Love into Your Life.

1. Let go of the struggle.

Examine the urgency and desperation for finding your partner today.

Why are you hell-bent on a relationship right now?
Where is the pressure coming from, yourself?
Are you comparing yourself to your newly engaged and married friends? Or your family?

2. What can you do take your mind off the search for a bit?
. Be okay being alone. **How comfortable are you being by yourself?
If you’re not attuned to the single life, get accustomed to finding balance and contentment by being with yourself first.
Practice self-care and self-love by taking care of yourself and enjoying your alone time. Spend time doing the things that bring you joy when you are alone.

3. Live your life.

You can have a happy and productive life by yourself. You don’t have to be a hermit or become a nun, but for now you can live your life without a partner.
Don’t just live your life; live up your life!
Enjoy your alone time but also mix it up with friends.

Go out, hang out and have fun with the people who are already in your life.
Plan adventures and excursions. Volunteer. Hike. Run.
Do those things in your life that you enjoy doing. It’s even better if it’s in a group setting.

4. Set an intention of who you’re looking for.

You don’t have to be obsessed with the person you’re looking for or be overly specific. Having a picture of your ideal partner right down to their shoe size will lead to unmet expectations and disappointments.
Instead, set an intention of the person you would enjoy meeting; their perspective of the world, their values and their beliefs.

5. Raise your vibes.

Instead of wallowing in how you’re not meeting or finding the right person, work on raising your vibrations.

Change your attitude toward dating and relationships.
Learn to let go of vibes of struggle and desperation, and start operating from a place of wholeness, completeness and generosity.
Raise your vibes by sharing your love and friendship with the people who are already in your life.

6. Be patient.

Like so many things in life, you can’t force love or relationships. You can’t expect your life to fall according to your timeline.
Step back and let life unfold. Trust that life will work out in your favor and the right man or woman will show up in due time.

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