The 5 Personality Types Born To Change The World

1. The Innovator

These people are not necessarily purposeful rebels so much as they’re simply unique. They live entirely in a world of their own creation. They know how to use whatever resources might be available in order to make something new and unexpected. These are the people who find brand new, crazy and yet somehow wildly successful solutions to age-old problems.
They have a special and singular way of looking at the world and can come up with ideas nobody else can. Politically and socially, they don’t subscribe to labels largely because the labels just aren’t adequate descriptions.

2. The Healer

A lot of people associate the term “healer” with energy workers or holistic health professionals, but in this instance it really refers to anyone who has the natural inclination to help or heal others. These people are extremely empathic and have very maternal/paternal instincts.
They are particularly sensitive to the needs of others and can sense when something is wrong with a person they care about. They may be drawn to professions that specifically have to do with medicine, therapy or in-home care, but no matter what they end up doing for work, they will always find a way to be a helper. It’s just who they are.

3. The Seeker

We will always need those people who are never satisfied with all of the information available; The constantly curious explorer who would go to the ends of the Earth and beyond just to find out what’s out there.
These are the ones that push us ever forward, leading the way in the great search for any and every bit of knowledge there is to discover. When everyone else believes we’ve reached our peak and there’s nothing left to explore or learn, the seeker knows different. They will never quit looking for better answers.

4. The Peace-keeper

While some of us are meant to go out there and fight the system or fight for what we believe in, others are better suited to and can accomplish more by keeping the peace. These are our negotiators, our great orators and natural born diplomats. They understand how to communicate with people in effective ways that also avoid conflict and aggressive behavior.
This type of person is always diffusing tense situations between friends and family, they can turn a confrontation into a friendly discussion with ease, and have the potential to persuade nations to work together in compromise.

5. The protector

The protector is someone who is selfless in their mission to keep the planet and the human race safe. They are perhaps environmentalists, foster or adoptive parents, humanitarians and champions of mother Earth. These people have extremely strong personal belief systems and values. They know what their priorities are and they’re willing to make any sacrifice necessary to protect what is most important to them.
They have immeasurable respect for the Earth and it’s ecosystems and great love for humanity, despite our many flaws and foolish actions. This type is an optimistic one, while facing the devastation that has been wrought upon our planet, they still believe that we can turn it all around if we can just understand their perspective.
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