This Is The Simple Reasons Why Highly Intelligent People Struggle To Find True Love

if you've recently begun a relationship with someone whom you claim is probably the most intelligent individual that you have met so far, then you are going to want to read why they may have troubles falling in love in the first place.
Most of the time it is never anything personal towards the other person that they do not want to begin a relationship compared to just a long lasting friendship.
However, there are some pretty good reasons why an intelligent person would prefer to be single than in a romantic relationship.
You may be thinking to yourself that intelligent people may actually just be pretentious jerks who are way too self-absorbed with their own life that they could care less about others. This is entirely not the case at all and in fact more often than not an intelligent person may think that they are not good enough for the relationship to begin with.
It's also important to realize that someone who you claim to be is extremely intelligent is going to base everything off of experience that they have personally dealt with themselves.
So if you are constantly hearing about past relationships it's only because they are keeping in mind that there may be something that they should be on the lookout for whenever they are with you.
Since they are so extremely intelligent, they are bound to have a lot of barriers for you to overcome and it is never easy performing this task. Getting closer to them may seem like pulling teeth at times because of how guarded they really are.
Another thing to keep in mind if you are seeing an extremely intelligent individual is that they are most likely staying single deliberately as to avoid being in a relationship for a long time.
Of course, this also makes it very difficult for them to maintain close friendships and most of the reason why they do not have a lot of friends to begin with.
There is a lot to an intelligent person that one person is going to have to dissect in order to truly understand why they are the way are as well as potentially going further with them romantically.
You must be on the exact same level as they are otherwise they will not bother giving you the time of day to be with them.
All of this may seem a bit excessive since you are the one who is wanting to understand them that much more than you do now.
Even though an intelligent person might not be expressing everything they want too at that moment in time it's because they are constantly overthinking peoples reactions to their words or gestures.
More often than not they will avoid confrontation but if they must they will give you all of their mind.
You may not like what swims to the surface after getting to know them more and more but it's the risk you take in order to be with them. It's also important to realize that everyone is built differently so if you meet a highly intelligent person who is open with the way they feel then you stumbled upon a unicorn.
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