Walk Barefoot 5 Minutes A Day- Here Is Why!

People used to walk barefoot before any shoes were invented. People connected with Mother Nature and allowed the feet to get sense of touch. It is very important to walk barefoot so that the feet can stimulate the points transmitting the positive energy for our organs.

The “Chi”
This philosophy about the Chi can be found in many medicines and the Chinese people named it energy “Chi” and the Indians called it “Prana”. Their medicine was to stimulate certain points on the body so that the effect on the health is positive making the energy flow easy. The energy flows the same way like the blood throughout all body. When the energy flows, the blood flows also, and the body is recharged. Stimulating certain points that are blocking the energy flow can help relax the muscles and produce flow throughout the system. If the organ connected to the meridian is not receiving enough energy it may be weakened and develop a disease in connection to the organ.
Walking barefoot stimulates that specific meridian to revive the energy flow and send energy to that organ. This process is called “grounding” because it gives natural bioelectrical field of the planet.
Walking barefoot in nature is important, but if you are not able to do this, then you can stimulate the energy with a foot massage. Every morning you need to massage your feet and apply strong pressure to relax the energy. If you are not sure where to massage, just press those points where you feel pain. They are the places where you need to massage the most.
Chinese people use this foot massage as a common practice. A sign of respect is when a child massages a father`s foot after a day at work. But also it helps stimulate the energy flow and relaxes the muscles.
If experiencing hormone problems, heart failure, frequent infections, lack of energy, indigestion, tension and even sinuses the foot massage can help a lot. It can also help recover the healthier way.
Walk barefoot every day for five minutes and increase the time gradually. You can massage your feet as well and feel relaxed and filled with energy for the whole day. Connect with Mother Nature and feel the nature on your body.
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