What Makes You Gain Back Weight after Losing it?

The biggest question that every person who is on the spree to lose weight asks- Why do I gain back weight after losing it????
Losing weight isn’t easy, but gaining weight after you lost it is very easy. So what is the best way to maintain the weight once you shed it? Most of the people complain that after months of hard work they lose weight, and within few weeks they gain back weight they had lost. Are you one of them? Or are you scared that after losing weight you will too gain it back? Then you are at the right place, we will help you out!!
But before we start, Let’s understand why people gain back weight after losing it. Given below are the 4 habits that make you gain the weight you have just lost.

Wrong way of losing weight

The one and the most important reason your weight bounce back is that you chose wrong and temporary ways to lose the weight. Once you come back to your normal daily lifestyle, the weight you lost will for sure bounce back.
One wrong way everyone must have tried is either skipping meals or starving for food. Starving for food or skipping meals will definitely make you lose weight, but once you go back to your daily routine, it will bounce back. This will result in weakness and no weight loss.

Sudden Change in Lifestyle

Once you get the desired weight, you suddenly stop every measure you have been taking to lose weight. As soon as you get in shape, you suddenly stop exercising, start eating sweets and junk food. This sudden change in your lifestyle makes you gain all the weight you have lost. Once you have lost weight, you need to maintain it and give your body some time. Slowly and gradually you can decrease your exercise routine, but don’t stop exercising at all. You can have sweets, but once in a while. Don’t jump on them in one go.

Avoiding Weight Scale/ Measuring tape

Once you lose weight, you stop having a look at the weighing scale or the measuring tape. And when you have a look at these, you have already gained all the weight. Do not stop using your weight scale or measuring tape. If you find yourself gaining weight, you can take steps and change your routine accordingly, but when you don’t use weight scale or measuring tape. You will never get to know that you gain weight unless it is irreversible. 

Skipping the Gym

Once you lose weight, your interest in the gym will start evading. But that can be the biggest mistake you will be doing. Push yourself and hit the gym if you want to maintain the weight. Once you start skipping the gym, you will slowly and gradually gain the weight you lost.


In short, you have been working really hard for weeks and months to lose the stubborn weight. You have changed your daily routines and lifestyle for the results, and now your body is used to that routine and lifestyle. Suddenly stopping or adding things to your lifestyle is the mistake everyone does which in results give you back the weight you lost. So maintain your lifestyle and if you want to change it, do it slowly and gradually.
source and courtesy: trendsnhealth
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