7 Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

In case you are reading this article, then probably you should be someone who is trying to lose weight, but is unable to.

You hit the gym not once but twice a day. You have injected strict dieting into your regular routine. You have banned sugars, fats and most ‘unhealthy’ carbs. You have been solely surviving on fibre and water (I am personally happy water doesn’t contain fat. Or else, sigh)
You are kind of doing every possible thing under the sky to lose weight. But the flab just doesn’t go away.


Given here are the 7 major reasons for not losing weight:

1. Not Getting Enough Fat:


I totally understand that this point appears so insane that it can knock you out cold (at least that way you might lose some kilos)

*Just Kidding*

You have been struggling to stay away from fats to lose that extra weight, and then I say something like this.

But wait. Behind those words lies a truth. When I say you are not getting enough fat, I mean the healthy fats. You might be consuming unhealthy fats all day long. These include trans fats and processed fats. But healthy fats, like that from fish, eggs, avocados, coconut etc., are necessary for a healthy cellular function.

Contrary to the most popular belief, healthy fats don’t convert into extra pounds.

2. Eating Too Much Fruit:

Eh? Eh?

Since the time you were at grade school every sane person you knew has been recommending fruits for a healthy living. And then someone like me comes and drops a bomb.

Before you clench your fists and punch me in the face, let me come to the point. Considering fruits to be a sweet and quick low calorie snack is very common, especially amongst dieters. But hey, fruits contain sugar. How can you forget that!

Similar to carbohydrates, sugar in fruits gets broken down into glucose in the small intestine. This causes the pancreas to release insulin, and guess what, insulin stores excess glucose as fat (the bad fat, I mean).

So have fruits. But make sure they are a combination of low carbohydrates and high antioxidants like berries and pitted fruits.

3. Not Getting Enough Sleep:

You wouldn’t have expected this. But this is one of the major causes for not losing weight.

How can lack of sleep restrict weight loss? Actually, it is too much of sleep that hinders weight loss, no?


Sleep patterns have a big impact on our hormone levels; and hormone levels determine how obese or lean we are.

4. Too Stressed Out:

Whenever you are facing stress, whether physically, emotionally or mentally, your body responds by releasing a chemical called cortisol. In case this stress is chronic, then the result would be increased fat deposit around your waistline.

5. Excess Of Cardio Workouts:

Hours on the treadmill don’t guarantee you a flat tummy. They rather guarantee you a bulkier one.


Your body, my body, or anyone’s body for that matter basically sees exercise as stress. Give your body too much of it, and as already discussed in the previous point, the chemical called cortisol gets released.

And what does excess of cortisol do? You know the answer.

6. Cutting Too Many Calories:

I bet you can relate to this point, don’t you? Since restricting calories might help you lose weight, you think restricting many more calories can help you lose more weight.

But that’s where you are going wrong. Your body considers ruthless calorie restriction as starvation, and it only would act against you.

In this case, act against losing weight.

7. Overloading Your Body With Carbs:

Overloading your body with carbs is the major reason for not losing weight. Too much of processed carbs can play with your insulin levels. If this continues, fat cells tend to become resistant and then no exercise or diet practice on earth can reduce them.

These are the reasons for not losing weight. So what are you waiting for? Hit the gym and do that workout; but don’t forget the above lines!

source and courtesy: stylecraze.com
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