Science Says Intelligent People Tend To Have These 4 Traits In Common

Have you ever been scolded for your “nasty habits” before? Have your parents yelled at you time after time to clean your room? Do friends and strangers look at you funny when you start talking to yourself? Maybe you accidentally swear in front of your grandparents? Or perhaps you do all of these things and it keeps you up all night, along with all the other thoughts that decide to run through your head at 2 AM.
I’ve got news for you! These four things are not as bad as they seem. Research has shown that the following habits and/or traits can actually be signs that you are an intelligent person.

Intelligent People Tend To Be Messy

In a study by Kathleen Vohs, a psychological scientist, it was found that a messy desk promotes creative thinking and stimulates new ideas.
“We are all exposed to various kinds of settings, such as in our office space, our homes, our cars, even on the Internet,” Vohs observes. “Whether you have control over the tidiness of the environment or not, you are exposed to it and our research shows it can affect you.”
So, if your room is a mess, don’t be embarrassed. It allows your creativity to flow. A messy environment actually helps you to break the norm and come up with new ideas!

Intelligent People Tend To Talk To Themselves

Call them crazy, but people who often talk to themselves might be on to something. Think about it: you come up with this brilliant idea while walking with no one around to talk to about it. You know you need to talk it through and start babbling aloud. Suddenly, you look up and see a few strangers looking at you funny as they pass you on the street. What are they looking at? You’re just trying to get your thoughts together!
Science says that people who talk to themselves aren’t crazy — they’re actually more intelligent! It helps them to define their problem more clearly and come up with a better solution more quickly than their silent counterparts.

Intelligent People Tend To Swear More

Let’s face it, cursing isn’t that bad. What is a curse word, anyway? They could be interpreted as a bunch of letters formed together to make a crude insult or simply just words you say without realizing it.
In this study, it’s shown that those who curse more have a higher IQ and that a large vocabulary of swear words is a sign of rhetorical strength. So let your inner sailor come out and start using all the wonderful words of the English language — good and bad!

Intelligent People Tend To Stay Awake Longer

When you have a lot on your mind and don’t solve all your problems before you go to bed, you’ll toss and turn while you’re attempting to sleep. Not to worry! Staying awake later than others has been proven to increase your IQ (just like swearing)! Apparently, it gives us more time to think through our problems and come up with a better solution.
Back in the age when mankind didn’t have fire, their only source of light was the sun. This forced them to go to bed early to avoid night predators. Today, however, we have artificial lighting at all times of the day and night, giving us the ability to harness the nighttime hours.
So if you swear, stay awake longer than your friends and family, or you’re messy and talk to yourself when you’re in public, it’s okay. Science has your back and has proven that you’re more creative, have a higher IQ, and can work through problems faster than the average person. Keep doing what you’re doing, friend!
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