12 Types Of Pain That Are Linked To Emotional States

Several psychologists have suggested that emotions have a massive say behind may chronic pain types. Dr. Susan babel, a psychologist who has specialized in trauma-induced depression, concludes that chronic pain might not result only by physical injuries but also by stress and mental issues.

Explained below are the 12 different types of chronic pains and how certain emotional states could give rise to them:

1. Head

This might be familiar to most of you other there. Headaches and migraine issues can result from extensive stress of your everyday life. People with chronic headaches need to take care of their stress levels, and by that I mean, give some time for themselves on a daily basis. Work on yourself and work on flushing out the extra stress or burden.

2. Neck

Contrary to popular sentiments, neck pain does not always mean your kids are driving you nuts. Many psychologits believe that people suffering from neck pains need to forgive more. Makes sense? It may be forgiving someone around you or even forgiving your own self. The best way to add more forgiveness to your feelings is to think more about the things you love in yourself and in others.

3. Shoulders

Shoulder pain may be a symptom of someone lifting a heavy emotional burden. Basically, they are “shouldering” more than their shoulders can shoulder. Try to figure out solutions to the problems around you instead of sitting back and hoping that something happens. The more quick you act, and the more quickly your tackle your issues, the less emotional burden there will be on your shoulders. To ease the pain and burden, talk more to family and loved ones and share the load.

4. Upper Back

Upper back pains could result from lack of emotional support and motivation. If you’re having back pain, you may not be feeling appreciated or you may be holding back certain feelings, particularly of affection. If you are already in a relationship, talk it out. If you are single, then its time to mingle!

5. Lower Back

This type of chronic pain usually constutes to someone enduring financial issues. Focus on managing your monthly income better or just simply hire a financial-planner. If you want a pay-rise, let out your feelings to your boss. If you’re not satisfied with your job, trust yourself and look for options elsewhere.

6. Arms and Elbows

Arm and elbow pain may result from a lack of general flexibility. You may not be very supportive of the natural changes occurring in your lives. Try going with the rest of the party, try being more easy and acceptable to the possible changes around you. Change is always good from time to time, attempting to fight it almost certainly means trouble.

7. Hands

Pain in the hands means your social circle isn’t the most crowded. Try reaching out for new friends or even take your colleagues out for a picnic. Most importantly, spend more time exploring and meeting new people.

8. Hips

The fear of moving on and changing could lead to hip pains. Dont be afraid to change and move on, because its for a better you! Moreover, once you make a choice, do not regret it. There are pros and cons of every choice out there, so learn to stay happy and content with yours.

9. Knees

Knee pains may happen to people who think too highly of themselves. Pride and self-confidence are good things, but if limited to adequate levels. You need to realize that no human is entirely perfect or entirely imperfect. Learn to keep others where you keep yourself, because all of us are going to rest in the same grave upon kicking the bucket.

10. Calves

Emotional tension, particularly jealous can lead to Calf pain. Be the better person and learn to tackle things that make you jealous. Dump jealous and envy out of your lives, because the only thing it is going to add to your life is extra stress and tension.

11. Ankles

Living a boring life and having ankle pains at the same time? That doesn’t lack much sense. You need to add more spice to your lives. Take proper time everyday to pamper yourself or simply upgrade your love life. Go out and indulge a bit!

12. Feet

An overload of depression can lead to foot pain. Beating depression is easier said that done, but there are some good methods one can implement to post a hefty challenge. Adopt a pet, make new friends or simply try a new hobby. Try to find and do things that give you joy.
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