Your Home Is Attacked By The Most Lethal Bacteria! Find Out Where

Bacteria live among us all the time, and they can cause damage that can hurt us. Statistics done in the New York show that twelve people are victims of bacteria and a hundred are affected by it. This epidemic show that the source for this is associated with the air conditioners and the victims are usually elder people and other people that have some health problems. The research conducted in New York shows that all 12 victims were older than 40. Experts investigated this situation and processed the expansion of the bacteria.

Legionnaire’s disease doesn’t spread among people. It is caused by Legionella pneumophila, a gram negative of aerobic bacteria found in the watering systems, where it grows and multiplies. The maintenance is necessary for the air conditioners to create ideal conditions for the development of bacteria. This bacteria can multiply a lot if the conditions are natural for it and it often is doing so surrounding the humans. It survives in a temperature among 10 and 50C and damp or wet environment.

The name arrives from 1976 when it was first discovered. It appeared in the American Legion Conference in the Bellevue Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia. 221 people were diagnosed with severe pneumonia, around 9 % of total guests present. It ended with 34 deaths increasing the lethality to 15 %. Check your air conditioner regularly and protect your family and yourself.
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