5 Ways To Break The Stress Cycle

We always hear that stress is terrible for our mental and physical health. What we don’t always hear is that stress can actually be an advantage in some situations. Feelings of stress can stem from almost every aspect of our daily lives, but that doesn’t mean we have to allow it to get out of control. Stress can actually be an indicator that we’re challenging ourselves, pushing ourselves to reach our goals.

If you’re feeling a little more stressed out that normal, take a look at these five ways that stress can actually be used as a tool. Don’t let stress hold all the cards in your life, but try to use it to your advantage.

1. Use it to Create a Positive Attitude

Although this seems a little counterintuitive, you can actually use stress as an indicator to create a more positive outlook on your life. If you’re feeling stressed out about past mistakes or some unwelcome emotions, don’t linger on them, simply let them go.
You’re feeling stressed because these things aren’t useful to think about any more than you should. Your mind and body are telling you to let them go.

2. Let it Teach You to Let Go of Control

In addition to letting it transform your attitude, you can also use it to let go of your misplaced desire to be in control.
This is more of an issue for some people than it will be for others, but feeling stressed can be a sign that you need to stop trying to take control of every situation. It’s no secret that people like to be in control, but there are some scenarios where it simply isn’t an option. Listen to your stress and let it teach you to let it all go.

3. Harbor a New Found Perspective

Stress can result from a number of different things in our lives, which means that it could be time for a change. If you’re feeling stressed out about a relationship for example, it could be time to look at that relationship from a different perspective. Solve this issue by changing your environment, improving yourself in one way or another, or take the time to try new things. You may find that a new perspective eliminates your stress completely.

4. Share Your Emotions with Others

One of the worst parts about being stressed out is that you just feel drained both emotionally and physically. Although this usually makes us want to be alone, sharing is really the best way to combat these feelings.
Talk to the people around you who care and want to listen; these people are your support group and they want you to get better. Don’t let stress keep you from sharing with those closest to you.

5. Get Some Rest

Sleep is one of the best ways to fight off stress in our lives. Stress can actually be the result of not getting enough sleep in the first place. Getting a full night’s rest will make you feel like yourself in the morning, and it will fight off those negative emotions or worries. Adults should be getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

source and courtesy: Daily Vibes
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