6 Positive Comebacks For Dealing With Negative People

You probably know someone who is chronically negative. It might be a friend, a family member, a co-worker, or even your boss. This person is constantly complaining, playing the victim, and walking around surrounded by negative energy. Dealing with a negative person without letting them bring you down can be tricky. Next time you find yourself attempting to fight off their negative energy, try one of these eight positive comebacks.

1. “I Hope You Feel Better Soon.”

This response usually catches a negative person off-guard. It’s your way of showing concern, without apologizing for their situation or having to agree with their negativity. They may silently walk away or thank you for showing concern. Either way, it can be used to discretely end the negative conversation.

2.“Let Me Know If There Is Anything I Can Do To Help.”

A negative person is willing to tell you all about their problems, but they aren’t really looking for a solution. They instead want to vent, complain and try to make you feel sorry for them. When you ask if there’s anything you can do to help, chances are they’ll say no, because they aren’t looking for a solution. But it might catch them off-guard long enough for you to excuse yourself.

3. “Don’t Allow Yourself To Dwell Too Much.”

This phrase is similar to “Try to focus on the positive.” You’re essentially telling a negative person that they’ve been dwelling on their problems, without coming out and saying it. Hopefully, they’ll take your advice and try to move on. If they choose not to, you’ve still given them something to think about.

4.“People See Your Negativity, And It Brings Them Down.”

This phrase may be a little more to the point than others, so it should be used carefully. If the negative person is a boss or co-worker that you don’t know very well, it might not be the best idea. If the negative person is a close friend, this phrase may be the best way to get through to them. Try to use a kind and helpful tone, instead of a confrontational one.

5.“Plan Something Relaxing This Weekend!”

If a negative person is going on and on about their problems and how stressed out they are, this phrase can be used to break up the complaining. Instead of letting them bring you down, tell them that they seem in desperate need of a stress-reliever! You can even offer suggestions.

6 “Smiling Has A Way Of Changing Our Mood!”

This phrase might not go over well on everyone, but some are sure to crack a smile. It may sound corny, but trying to get a negative person to smile can bring a little positivity to a negative situation. It might come off as annoying, or it might just make their day.

sorce and courtesy:  davidwolfe.com

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