7 Morning Rituals To Improve Daily Energy And Happiness

I’ll be the first to admit this. I’m a night owl, not a lark. So much so that I’ve structured my life and career around that. In the morning, the bed molds perfectly to my body, the pillows and duvet feel like marshmallows. Wrenching myself out can be difficult. Even then, I’ve discovered the importance of Intentionality — purposefully living in ways that allow my life and joy to blossom. Here are the 7-morning rituals that give me a gentle yet productive day full of smiles.

1) Crystal Meditation

When my second alarm rings, I place two raw rose quartz rocks on my heart and naval chakras, and start a three-minute meditation. Not only does the breathing center me, it grounds my body and mind for the day. Rose quartz is commonly used for healing, gentleness, and wisdom in the spiritual traditions and has ancient links with my Chinese roots. Towards the end of the exercise, I visualize and feel the crystals’ vibrations aligning with my cells’.

2) Affirmation and Prayer

Some of us believe in a higher power— be it God, angels, Source, or any name we call it by. Others work to become the highest versions of themselves. Whatever we subscribe to, our thoughts about ourselves, the world and our future can shape our reality. If we believe that the world is a dangerous place and bad things will befall us, we’re more likely to be in a state of hypervigilance, unable to enjoy ourselves or see the beauty that happens. Yet, it isn’t easy to simply think positive thoughts. One thing I’ve noticed in my clients and friends is that how we’d like to see ourselves can be facilitated by accessing this higher power, regardless of whether it’s inside or outside us. We can do this via prayer, infusing ourselves in a state of gratitude, for instance, saying “Thank you for (outcome)” as though it’s already happened, or a mantra like “I am grateful for (outcome) because I am (attribute).”

3) Catlike Stretches and Yawns

There is a word in the Singaporean lexicon “shiok” that conveys infinite pleasure in a way that the English language can never encapsulate. I used to watch in awe at the way cats stretch when awake, thinking “There must be something they are doing right to look so shiok.” Today, I do the same whenever I climb out of bed. And I’ll also throw in a lion yawn. When I revel in the mouth and jaw stretch, and feel any tension releasing, I know I am ready to be present for my day.

4) Morning Squats

Whilst I brush my teeth with glycerin-free Ayurvedic toothpaste, knowing I am nourishing my mouth, I start to do 7 sets of 7 squats. They get my digestive and circulatory systems charged up for the day ahead, and build muscles throughout my body. I also love that sense of productivity, knowing I’ve already exercised.

5) Adorn Myself

My Manifestation teacher Maru Iabichela says, “Who are you to block your blessings…stop saving the best for last!”
This applies to the things we allow ourselves to do— the good stuff we hoard and never use, and the beautiful clothes that stay piled up in our wardrobes. After a time when I was stuck in that old mentality, I’ve learned to give myself permission to dress as gloriously as I want, in a way that reflects the state of who I am. When you catch your reflection and know you’ve mindfully put in effort to nourish your appearance, you can’t help but feel beautiful.

6) Mist My Plants

Lately, I started an indoor jungle which makes my waking up joyful. I learned that my old limiting belief that “I cannot keep plants alive” is fiction. Every morning, I spend three minutes misting the leaves to clean away any dust and to keep humidity levels high. Tending to the teeming (low-maintenance) life in my bedroom connects me with nature.

7) Nourish My Body

I drink a cold glass of infusion steeped in serrano peppers, mint leaves, lime and cardamom every morning, as I wash down my supplements. Not only does cold water rev up my metabolism, the other ingredients are great for digestion and fat-burning. I then tuck into a high-protein breakfast of eggs, avocado and cayenne pepper, sprinkled with black truffles and sea salt, which supplies me with the energy I need.
source and courtesy: sivanaspirit.com
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