5 Types of Toxic People You Never Want In Life

Toxic people not only suck all of the energy out of your body, they can have a negative effect on the path you have chosen in life.  They can hinder any progress you’ve made and make you feel like you might as well give up.  Toxic people are everywhere and they can be difficult to avoid if you live or work with them or if they’re family members.  But, you must find a way to prevent them from making your life miserable.

Below are 5 types of toxic people you need to avoid at all cost.

1. Judgmental people

People who are judgmental will find a way to criticize anything and everything they come in contact with. They jump to conclusions before they hear any facts, they don’t listen well and are horrible at communicating.  They spew nothing but negativity.
Asking for advice or feedback from a judgmental person is like asking a lion to hold your steak – you’ll get little to nothing back that is of any use to you.

2. Control freaks

Control freaks don’t ever want to listen.  They don’t think they have to because, according to them, they know everything and they know the best way to do everything.  They are a complete nightmare to deal with because they always have to have their way.  Always. No matter what.
Control freaks can make you feel like you can’t make decisions for yourself and don’t know what’s best for you.  They can destroy your self-confidence and make you feel totally inadequate.  Get rid of them!

3. Liars

To be successful you have to surround yourself with other successful people who you can trust and count on to be there for you. You can’t trust liars and it’s hard to count on them because you never know if they are lying or telling the truth. That type of uncertainty will wear you out quickly.  Eliminate them from your life and you won’t have to wonder if you are being lied to.

4. Negative people

Someone who is always negative will drain your positive energy immediately.  Because misery loves company, they thrive on bringing everyone down around them. You will never receive any words of encouragement from them.
They will discredit every idea you have and, instead of being supportive, they will go out of their way to point out every possible way you could fail, rather than focus on possibilities and potential. They are a major over-all bummer in every facet of your life.  Who needs that?

5. The envious

It’s important to have a strong support group in your corner during tough times.  But, it’s also important to have supporters that are there to congratulate you when you hit the high points.  Envious people will not be happy for you.  Ever.  They feel that it should happen to them and nobody else.  They will try to make you feel guilty about your success or make you feel like you didn’t deserve it.  They do this in an effort to feel better about themselves or make themselves look better than you.  If you have someone like this in your life, get rid of them immediately!
If the toxic person/people in your life are family members, it can be impossible to completely avoid them.  But, you can choose to spend as little face-to-face time as possible with them and not buy in to what they say to you or about you.  You are in control over how they impact your life.  Don’t allow them to impact it in a negative way!
source and courtesy: dailyvibes.org
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