Do You Suffer From Migraine? Here’s How To Stop The Pain In 3 Minutes!

Those that suffer from migraine are quite familiar how exhausting and terrible the pain is. Many times the pain can be so unbearable that can stop you from doing your everyday duties. The worst case is if the migraine is chronic, because these people must take painkillers very often.
But,you should try this alternative medicine and make your own cure,instead of spending money on these painkillers on which your body can be resistant after some period.

Lemon juice,Himalayan salt and some lemon peel.

Remember to use only high quality salt; the best one for this purpose is Himalayan crystal salt which contains even 84 elements and many minerals. Salt is good for your health since it is proven to increase serotonin – the hormone for strengthening your immune system and for happiness.
Method of preparation:
Grate a lemon peel,squeeze the juice of 2 lemonsand then add 2 teaspoonsof Himalayan salt. Stir the ingredients all together and place them in a bowl with a glass of water (2dl).

After you it’s finishedconsume it in one sip, because it is not much tasty, and within 5 minutes the pain will totally disappear or at least it will be reduced.
Be careful if you suffer from high blood pressure, because the salt can increase it even more.
Credits: Homereemediess
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