5 Ways To Combat Negative Vibes

Energy is real. We can’t see it, we can’t always touch it, but we can feel it – on so many levels. When you walk in a room, you automatically feel energy – whether it’s the people that make up the room, the color of the wall exuding coldness or warmth to invite you in. Energy exists in every crevice of our lives, yet what we so easily forget is that although most energy we feel is received, we also reverberate our own waves of being. So what can we do when the energy we receive becomes the energy we give? I do not believe there is a one-size fits all, but I do know we each carry the ability to redirect our energy.

Being Aware

Our greatest tool towards owning our own energy is awareness. When we are aware of our state of being, we are that much more sensitive to its disruption. If you walk into work with an upbeat attitude, only to discover some bad news – you have a choice. You can let the bad news become the direction of your day, or remember that one occurrence does not have to dictate your day. Focusing on this “bad” situation will cause your energy to be drained, and in turn for you to take on this negative aspect of the situation. However, if you look at what you can do to move forward or fix the situation, you transform that which could be bad into a redirection of positive energy. Being aware of our reaction to any person or situation is ultimately what will allow us to be consumed or rise above.

Owning Our Reactions

Emotion is a source of our action. How we choose to move forward from our emotions is up to us. Personally, I struggle with anger. I’ve felt the grips of its negativity consume me, and I’ve felt myself lash out in order to release what really lived under – hurt. Being able to understand that sometimes what we feel isn’t always what has to be is a reminder that we can choose to respond differently than how we feel. Stepping back from strong, disruptive emotions like anger can help you gain clarity as to why you are angry. Take a moment to breathe before reacting and you might find that you respond completely different. In turn, you will move away from tumbling further into a negative outlook.

Creating Space

Similar to when we need to distance ourselves from our own emotions, sometimes we need to distance ourselves from people or situations that trigger us. It’s important to honor our feelings and take the time we need to gain clarity and peace. Space allows awareness to become clearer, at least if we choose to take that time to look within. Distance can help us to look at things objectively, without our view being rooted in the emotion we initially felt. Whether you need time off from work by taking a mental healthy day, or a day of solitude without people – put space between you and the things that are causing disruption in your life.

Investing In Our Happiness

When negative things tend to go on in our lives, it can often lead into the next day and up to as many days after as we allow it. It’s important to do the things that make us happy and keep us going from day to day, regardless of any bad we experience. Whether it’s working out, writing, playing a sport, or spending time with the ones you love, you must invest in the things that make you happy. By doing this, it can help you cope with dealing with what seemed so bad, and sometimes can help you to look at the situation entirely different.

Facing the Facts

All these things can help us cope and redirect our energy, but they might not necessarily eradicate the negativity we feel. We must always remember that we have to address what we are feeling and/or experiencing above all of these methods. Whether it’s having a much-needed talk to address an issue with a loved one, having that hard conversation with a coworker, or finally putting your foot down in a bad relationship. Expressing ourselves is the truest form of honoring the energy within us and the energy we allow around us. So, before you come to the decision to redirect, always remember that choosing to speak up is the catalyst to transforming energy.
source and courtesy: sivanaspirit.com
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