Homemade cough syrup as a remedy to the irritating cough

This is a home remedy for troublesome cough that you just can’t get rid of, and best of all. It’s never a pleasant situation when you have a persistent cough. Keep in mind that your homemade syrup are still a healthier & more effective alternative to commercial products, as long as you are smart about how you use them.
Here are some tips to make Homemade Cough Medicine.
  • 250g of organic raw honey
  • 60ml of olive oil
  • 3 organic lemons, juiced (the more the better)
Add honey, olive oil and lemon juice to a small pot. Heat the ingredients over medium heat just until steaming. Remove from heat and let cool. Place into a jar with a lid. Keep in the refrigerator to use cough syrup for longer time.
Take 2 tablespoon per day to control coughing. Take immediately before bed if cough is disrupting your sleep. For children, you can adjust the dosing to 3 teaspoons up to one tablespoon.
When you feel a sore throat coming on, raid your pantry instead of your medicine cabinet to prepare affordable all-natural cough remedies that really work. Share this post with your friends.
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