“I know you killed me,” says the 3-year-old. What they find underneath a rock in a nearby village is inexplainable.

This is the extraordinary story of a 3-year-old Syrian boy. He is from a small settlement in the Golan Heights and tells the village's adults something astounding.
At just 3 years old, he can already speak very well for his age. He uses his skills to tell the elders of his village something unbelievable: the boy can remember being killed.
His parents ignore him at first; children always talk nonsense. But the little one stubbornly sticks with his story. His memories torment him. He remembers terrible images of an ax and an argument. Eventually, his parents start to believe him and the story spreads around his village.
This story causes a sensation, especially since the inhabitants are ethnic minorities called Druzes. They believe in reincarnation and rebirth, which is why the boy’s words take on a special meaning. The boy was also born with a flaming-red birthmark on his forehead. The Druze believe that this signifies a wound in a previous life.
The boy claims that he was killed with an ax in his previous life. But what is even more unbelievable: he remembers his hometown and his killer.

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Thanks to the boy’s descriptions the village elders are actually able to find the scene of the crime.
The boy recognizes one of the inhabitants, hotfoots it to him and says: “I was your neighbor. We had an argument and you killed me with an ax.” The man turns as white as chalk. “I even know where you buried my body.”
And unbelievably: the boy is able to describe, in explicit detail, where the body was found, namely underneath a pile of rocks. The fatal injury, evidenced by a shattered skull, was exactly where the boy’s birthmark was.
The murderer confessed the crime immediately and was given a just sentence. Afterward, the boy did not feel so plagued by his memories. Many scientists have incredulously mused over the explanation and in the meantime there has been research on near death experiences and reincarnation. Share this unbelievable story of a young boy with a special memory.
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