Kind People Fail at Being Happy: Here Are 5 Reasons Why

Kind people are some of the most beautiful and interesting souls. Unfortunately, they’re not as happy as they may seem.

I know several kind people who are giving and patient. When I look at them I see a smile, a soft voice, and quiet demeanor – it seems they are happy.
I suppose doing things for others and always being there makes a happy human, huh. Well, I’m not so sure about that, to tell you the truth.
Happy humans, I mean truly contented individuals aren’t always the giving kind. It seems the world is a little backward in that area. Kind people are deeply flawed, believe it or not, well, at least for the most part. What? You seem shocked. Well, let me explain to you why kind people fail to be happy.

Happiness is a many layered emotion, filled with complicated aspects.

Kind people are not always angels who have fallen to earth to do good will. They have multi-faceted personalities like the rest of us. Whether you are kind or more on the self-absorbed side, there are variances about you that determine whether or not you are truly happy.

They Give

Kind people give. The thing is, they tend to give when they are already stretched to their limits. Sometimes, they can even find themselves in a bad predicament by giving too much and never expecting anything in return. They are generally the ones who do not barter or trade-handing out with no hope of return. While their hearts may be full at the moment, in long term, they desire someone to give to them in the same amount.

They have high expectations

Kind people expect the best out of those around them. As they help and donate their time, they see the world as being on the same charitable with level. Unfortunately, the world is not always as giving as those who give to it. People who are kind have high expectations that rarely get fulfilled by others. This can make some people feel hopeless in their good deeds.

They work too hard

People who are giving tend to work harder than those who are not. When help is needed, kind individuals are always ready to jump right in and get the job done. They often suffer from lack of sleep, rest and even nutrition in order to make others happy. Good people make sacrifices more often.

They are limited

There is only so much a kind person can contribute to society. They may become too emotionally involved in the fact that their resources do not match their ability to help. This is one of the worst feelings in the world to them. Instead of giving up, however, they tend to work even harder and brood in their failings to reach their own set goals.They just always wish they could help more.

Kind people are intelligent

You know what they say about smart people, right? Intelligence is often accompanied by depression. Most generous individuals are intelligent but also suffer from sadness as a result of their brain power. When they are not working to help others, they are sometimes spending time thinking too much about the world’s problems. They are analytical and critical, but only in introspection. Sometimes they feel as if they are never good enough.
But take heart! Kindness has its rewards!
It’s not all about doom and gloom, as the end game of being kind. Being nice to others has an emotional reward beyond self-criticism and defeat. Each time someone has a new lease on life given by a kind person the world takes a step in the right direction.
If you are a kind person and feel like you have failed, just remember. Even action has a reaction, ripples are moving across the world as we speak. You could be that one person who creates huge waves, making changes and improving life as we know it.
Keep up the good work!
source and courtesy: Life Advancer
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