The little girl may not know that her father is dead. What did the police officer, is without words.

About this just speaks the whole world. And the story behind it makes for great eye and a few tears: Nick Struck is a policeman in a small town in the US state of Colorado. During his shift he is called to an accident scene on a country road. In his tenure, he has seen a lot, but this situation required special tact. And what he did, no one will soon forget.
Hardly reached Nick Struck the accident site, offered him a picture of horror: An SUV was away from the street on the roof. He must have skipped several times. The 6 occupants were thrown out by the force of the impact and lay groaning in pain on the pitch. Everywhere paramedics who were fighting for every single life. Suddenly, a colleague came to Officer Struck and gave him a small, crying girl in the arm. At first he did not know how he should deal with it. But then he responded perfectly.

because when he whispered to the colleague that this is the youngest daughter of the unfortunate family who like survived by a miracle, the accident unhurt, he pressed the little one close to him, began a nursery rhyme to sing, pointing to the clouds in the sky. And it worked: The little calmed down, looked at the clouds and listening to the singing of the policemen. Shortly thereafter, she fell asleep and Officer Struck put it in his patrol car. So they did not have to watch as the doctors fought for the lives of her family. No one of the occupants was strapped, the father came too late to help ...
Afterwards the humble man just said: "When you hear that children are involved in an accident that makes one to manage. So I wanted to protect her and give her support. Just as it would make a father with his daughter as well. "
Far too often, police are now accused of being cheaters, civil loser, lazy Uniform monkeys or even bastards. But this example shows that we do them an injustice.
Parts and this the story behind it all, you know. A rethink is more than appropriate!
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