This Is What Your Sleeping Position Reveals About Your Personality

Imagine settling into bed after a long day. You got up early for a morning run, made a healthy breakfast, you rocked it out at work and got a “great job today!” from your boss, and you even made time to run a few errands after work. You were productive and just plain awesome, and now you are officially exhausted. Your bed feels comfy and fantastic and you find yourself dozing off to sleep in no time. How do you settle into those cozy sheets? Are you a side sleeper? Do you plop down on your stomach or back? Alternatively, do you curl up into the fetal position to stay snug and warm? Your sleep position can reveal a lot about your personality. Check out the diagram below and choose your go-to sleep position, then read on to find out what it says about you!

If you tend to fall asleep on your side while sticking your knees out, you are most likely a calm and reliable person who is not easily offended. You are unafraid of the future, you smile even on the worst of days, and you are able to adjust well to any changes occurring in your life.


If you like to curl up into the fetal position to fall asleep, you may want to feel protected, understood and sympathized with. This position allows you to feel like you are protecting yourself from the problems you face in the world around you. If you are looking for an outlet, try taking up a new hobby!


If you usually sleep on your stomach with your arms and legs sticking out, you are most likely a leader. You tend to be impulsive, but you always take the initiative to make sure things are going smoothly in both your personal and your professional lives. You probably aren’t a big fan of surprises, as you would rather plan things out in advance. You have the ability to achieve great success with your strong sense of responsibility.


If you prefer to sleep lying on your back, then you are probably a positive person who loves life and lives it to the fullest. You are used to being the center of attention, and you love hanging out with friends. You are rational but stubborn and persistent, and you always tell the truth. People who sleep in this position often have strong personalities.


 If you sleep on your back with your arms at your sides like a soldier at attention, you are probably a well-adjusted person with specific goals in life and the drive to achieve them. You can be strict and demanding at times, but you always demand the most from yourself.


If you sleep with one leg raised, chances are you have an unpredictable personality and a hunger for adventure. Your mood can change quickly which can be confusing at times to those around you, and you often find it difficult to make choices. In general, you have a preference for peace, quiet and stability.
If your sleep position varies often, you most likely have a multifaceted personality. You may still be trying to find yourself, or your preferences may be a little more complex. Whatever position it is that ensures that you get a good night’s sleep, sweet dreams!
source and courtesy: David Wolfe
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