What Does Your Eye Color Say About You

What Your Eye Color Says About You?
Black/dark brown
YoAmbitious, fierce, passionate and optimistic, you are like a hurricane that won't let obstacles bring you down! And just like it, you rarely allow someone to get to your core that easily. They must earn your trust first! As for patience, well, it simply doesn't match with your profile!!
Brown/Light brown
Confident, independent, creative and genuine, you are like a magnet to people!! Also because you care and you are a humble individual people appreciate you and trust you! Plus you're fun, you're like a sunshine in your folks life!! As for expressing how you feel, you're still in the process of learning how to!!
You're Intelligent, adventurous, and have an incredible zest for life. You are passionate and curious about many things and always live life to the fullest. You are like a breath of fresh air, just like your eye color! People often get lost in your eyes and feel strong attraction to them. Youthfulness oozes out of you and the compassion and vibrancy that you bring along wherever you go is just contagious. However, you get jealous very soon. But overall, the positives beat the negative.
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Youthful, lively, and smart - you are the type of people person who always attracts many people wherever you go. You are kind, energetic, extroverted and make friends easily. Once you are in a relationship, you are fully committed to it and will do just about everything to keep your relationship long-lasting. You don't want bullshit relationship. Anyone who gets to be friends with you or be in a relationship with you is certainly lucky, because you will make sure that they are happy with utmost kindness and sincerity.
You are a spontaneous, fun-loving person who's always up for an adventure at any point of time. Going with the flow and adapting easily to any situation is definitely your forte. You are brave and courageous person who encourage diversity and get bored of monotony very easily. Elegant, mischievous and sensual in equal measure, you make for great personalities. However, it may take a great effort for other people to handle your temper.
Strong in nature, wise, creative and imaginative - you are born to be dominant and leader. Your rationality, analytic thinking and flexibility in your attitude makes you a great leader. Despite of your passion for work, you are very gentle and romantic. You take love and relationship seriously and don't like fooling around. You're not only making an excellent leaders or business partner, but also a great lover.
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