He Puts 4 Slices of Tomato in a Pot of Compost. 10 Days Later, I Can’t Believe it!

Most of us would love to start a garden full of fresh vegetables. Growing your own is less expensive (and you know the work that has gone into the food you eat). However, getting started can be difficult if you don’t know what you are doing.

I find this to be especially true with tomatoes. Getting them started from seeds can be troublesome, and keeping them well hydrated and in the correct amount of sun is challenging as well. (source) I cannot remember how many tomato plants I have killed accidentally from my lack of knowledge.

The man in this video has an excellent method for starting tomatoes. He throws tomato slices into a pot of compost soil, covers them with a small layer of the soil, and lets them grow.

You have to check out his method!

By using tomato slices with seeds in them, he is giving the new tomatoes the best chance possible to survive. The fruit around the seeds is specifically made to keep the seeds properly fed during the earliest part of their development. (This also happens to be when they are most likely to die.)
That little extra food is all they need to grow strong.
It is best to use organic tomatoes or tomatoes bought at a farmer’s market. Some commercially grown tomatoes have seeds that will not grow into tomato plants. This is a sad GMO/hybrid seed fact.
(h/t: Wimp.com) via David Wolfe
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