Are You An Earth Angel? Look For These 5 Signs

An earth angel is someone who values love and harmony above all else. They help others find the best versions of themselves in this lifetime, and their selflessness knows no bounds. These people often describe themselves as old souls who have come to restore the planet back to balance. They connect with nature more so than with anything else, and they feel at peace around animals.

Earth angels associate with a time when humanity lived with the planet rather than on it, and because of this, they often get frustrated with the current state of affairs. They want to help move past heartache and live in harmony with all people, as well as protect the planet itself. If you think you might be an earth angel, here are five signs you could be right.

1. You Care for Others

Earth angels often forget to make time for themselves because of how much they care for others. Although they cherish their alone time when they have it, they often feel called to help the people around them, which makes it difficult to accept the alone time they need.
They are highly empathetic, meaning they can feel other peoples’ emotions, which attracts them to professional positions formed to help those in need.

2. You Need Alone Time

Earth angels rarely give themselves alone time, but they need it desperately.
Since they are extremely empathetic, they feel a rush of emotions throughout the day. This much emotion can be draining both mentally and physically, so being alone is essential in order for earth angels to recharge.
Much of their alone time is spent in nature as it speeds up the healing process and gets their spirits back in alignment with what’s important.

3. Your Intuition is Powerful

Being an earth angel means you feel more than you think, making intuition and emotion more powerful than logical reasoning. Earth angels feel more deeply than most people, which means that they don’t really connect with the way the modern world works.
Art, music, and stories make lasting impressions their lives, and they let that kind of emotion guide their every move.

4. You Reject Modern Society

Modern society, to an earth angel, seems completely nonsensical; they don’t place much value on money, a career, or being successful on a surface level. They don’t understand why people would work in careers that they hate in order to buy or live a lifestyle that they don’t actually need.
What’s important to an earth angel is what humanity seems to have lost since the birth of industry, technology, and nine-to-five living.

5. You Feel Called

Since earth angels have a strong sense of intuition and emotion, they often feel called to a specific purpose.
No matter what this purpose is, it usually involves helping others as much as possible. Making their own mark on the world is infinitely more important than following in somebody else’s footsteps, no matter the advice they receive. Many earth angels see themselves as healers, so they are prone to industries like nursing or social counseling.
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