Stop Putting Your Phone In Your Bra

It has come to my attention that bras are holding a lot more than just breasts. In fact, for some ladies, their bras are more of a purse carrying a variety of items ranging anywhere from keys, money, make-up, and cellphones to water bottles and pacifiers!
Understandably this is a convenient, easy, and hands free way to carry around everyday items. When you think about it there are plenty of scenarios such as working out or clubbing, where  keeping your belongings in your bra are super convenient.

Unfortunately, as great as this idea might seem, there are several doctors out there begging us to STOP! Cancer surgeon John West, specifically, states that “placing your cellphone in your bra can cause breast cancer. Any woman placing her cellphone on her chest is playing with fire.”
Women who have developed breast cancer due to this have developed tumors that lined up exactly where they regularly placed their cellphones.
The conclusion? The bra was created for one purpose: To hold breasts. So just carry a purse or a phone case.  It’s better for your health!
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