12 Keys to Experience the Magic of the Now

color: white; box-sizing: border-box; color: #313131; font-family: Montserrat, sans-serif; font-size: 16px; line-height: 1.875; margin-bottom: 30px; text-align: justify;"> It has happened to all of us, when we came under the spell of a moment some time during our life. A beautiful landscape, a sunset, a beautiful piece of art, or the rhythm of music enchanted us. It may even have happened when we are just lost in the silence of a peaceful moment. Why is this moment so enchanting, what is its secret?
Here are 12 keys to experience the magic of the Now:

Key 1.

The Mind stops working, the reckless stream of thoughts is suspended.

Key 2.

When thoughts disappear, so do our problems and conflicts, and we almost forget about all our sufferings.

Key 3.

The Ego disappears, telling personal history stops, and the line of our accustomed identity is broken.

Key 4.

We virtually step out of the psychological time frame, we stop mulling over injuries of the past, and do not build our identity for the future.

Key 5.

We are awake, only the present moment exists for us. Our soul is permeated by the quiet of the Consciousness and the Joy of the Existence.

Key 6.

These moments do not last long, because the mind starts working again very soon, and begins to control the moment by categorizing it and giving it a name.

Key 7.

Our alert attention will then turn away from the Miracle, back to the mind, and our ordinary identity is rebuilt in a matter of a few seconds.

Key 8.

We return to the psychological time and, embedded into it, we experience our problems and sufferings again.

Key 9.

The memory of the moments of the spell is just a transient impression, the unconscious feeling that some miraculous thing happened to us, but we unfortunately missed a chance.

Key 10.

It is important to learn how to make use of these magic moments, and when the gate opens up again, we have the courage to ask the question:” Who I am beyond my personal history?”

Key 11.

But even then we are only standing on this side of the gate of the Consciousness, we have not yet entered. We can only enter if we are able to  answer to any given question,”This is just a thought, a product of the mind, and has nothing to do with reality.”

Key 12.

If we are able to say no to every answer the mind comes up with, all else we need to do is turn towards the Consciousness in us that is looking at the world through our eyes and is listening to the world through our ears. Be brave enough to open up for the wakeful, living Spirit living inside us.
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