16 Things That Will Change When You Finally Meet ’The One’

1. You’ll No Longer Be Afraid To Talk About Your Personal Struggles.

What used to seem difficult and embarrassing will become easy and natural when you’re with the right person. You know they won’t condemn you for anything that happened or is still happening now, so it will become easier to reveal all and allow them to see the real you.

2. You Can Be Alone With Them Without Feeling Any Uncomfortable Silences.

You don’t need to talk all the time to feel comfortable around each other. It’s now possible to spend time together in cozy peace and quiet, without saying a word yet understanding each other completely. Communication doesn’t always have to occur in verbal form.

3. You No Longer Have To Guess How Your Partner Feels.

You are calm all the time when it comes to thinking about your partner. Gone are the days where you wait nervously for their response to your text. Your partner will make you the priority in their life, just as they are your priority.

4. You Can Express Your Disagreement Without Disrespecting Each Other.

You might often disagree about things, but this doesn’t always end in arguments and conflict. You respect each other’s point of view and always hear it out with curiosity rather than irritation.

5. You Desire Each Other Even When There’s No Obvious Reason For It.

How he or she drinks their coffee or just discusses something might turn out to be just as erotic for you as if they were naked. This is because your partner’s personality is far more attractive to you than how they look.

6. You Won’t Be Afraid To Reveal Your Weird Habits To Them.

You not only admit your strange habits to each other and accept them without a problem but in some cases begin to partake in them yourself.

7. You’ll Introduce Them To Your Friends.

You’re not worried at all that your friends will think you’ve made the wrong choice in getting together with this person and that you’re worth more. Your partner is the kind of person you can’t wait to introduce to your friends. There’s no doubt in your mind that they’ll like him or her just as much as you do.

8. And You’ll Love Their Friends As Your Own.

You don’t have to force a smile or struggle through a social gathering of your partner’s friends. Instead, you genuinely enjoy spending time in their company and even want to see them more. The best people always attract the best company!

9. You’ll Have Fun Together Even If You’re Not Doing Anything Interesting.

You can spend the whole day lazing around at home and enjoy it because you’re doing it together. You don’t necessarily need to be doing something exciting or unusual to have fun together — the main thing is that you’re side by side.

10. Touching Them Feels Entirely Natural.

Whether it’s accidental or deliberate physical contact, you’re completely at ease with each other physically. You can put your head on their shoulder, grab their hand, or draw them into a hug without a second thought — it’s just the completely natural thing to do.

11. You Always Find A Way To Make Things Hilarious.

Whether you’re watching a funny TV show or just lounging around in sweatpants, there’s no situation that you can’t find a joke in. Life is ten times funnier when you’re together.

12. You Don’t Always Have To Control Yourself Around Them.

You don’t have to think about how you ought to express yourself or what you should say. Your partner will always feel your thoughts and understand what you’re truly thinking. This helps reduce the tension in your relationship to a minimum.

13. The Conversation Between You Flows Naturally.

You don’t have to think too hard about what to talk about with them because you enjoy talking about absolutely everything. You only have to start chatting and the conversation might continue for hours.

14. You Can Make Fun Of Each Other Without Offending Each Other.

You don’t feel like you’re taking a risk if you make fun of your partner. You understand each other’s sense of humor and know how to tease them without going too far.

15. You Won’t Have To Wait For The Correct Moment To Call Or Message Them.

You’re not afraid to send them 2 or 3 messages when you need to tell them something. You never feel you’re being too intrusive if you decide to call them. The relationship between you is not a game — it’s a real attraction that never decreases in intensity for a moment.

16. You Don’t Care What Other People Think About Your Relationship.

You don’t feel the need to broadcast the course of your relationship or discuss the details of your personal life together to anyone who’ll listen. You don’t worry about whether your parents will accept your partner or not. You know how you feel towards them, and that’s all that matters. You’re 100% in your choice of partner and don’t need anyone else’s approval.
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