3 Meditations You Can Try In The Shower To Bring Back Lost Peace And Energy

Never underestimate the power of a good long shower after a hectic busy day.

There is practically nothing better than the mild fragrance of the shower gel and hot water running down your body that washes away all your tiredness before you lay on bed with some coffee and a book or a Harry Potter marathon. The lesser known fact is also that bathing can do a lot more than just cleaning dirt from your body. If you include a few more steps, a shower can help you in revitalizing your energy in a more spiritual way.
A lot of people do not know that there is a good reason why some of us get our best ideas in showers. Oh yes! There is an answer to that. When the water touches the top of our head and runs down our back, reaching to our feet, it tends to open the energy portals aka “CHAKRAS” in our body. Chakras are the energy centres and there are 7 of them that are largely responsible for our various behaviours.
Meditation is an ancient way of bringing peace to oneself. We know meditation isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Some of us don’t really have the time for it whereas some of us don’t really understand it. Here are 3 simple meditations you can do in the shower and we promise it’s going to make a lot of difference if done correctly.

First Shower Meditation

‘I cleanse myself so I may feel light, peaceful and at ease’ keep chanting this mantra as you apply soap and scrub your body all over. Your brain is the most important part of your body. It controls everything. This is probably the reason why it’s placed highest. Use it for good purposes. While you chant the mantra imagine all the negative energy being scrubbed off your body.
Now take start doing flickering motion around your body to remove the last remaining energy. For the final step, stand once more under the running water and imagine a golden white ring of light forming around you. Take three deep breaths before you open your eyes.

Second Shower Meditation

This kind of meditation requires a lot of calmness. Your face should be facing the shower so that the water gets its route from the top of your head to your feet. This shall activate the cerebellum chakra which also helps in unleashing creativity. Try not to be too restless while practising this method of meditation. Focus on the drops of water tracing your body.
Silence your mind and just keep your attention wholly on the water running down from your neck. Feel it. Observe it. Absorb it. The main motive of this meditation is to calm your mind and to cut it off from everything happening around, keeping the focus only on yourself. For better results take 5 slow deep breaths in and out.

Third Shower Meditation

Recite the mantra “I love you- thank you” Keep chanting it while you wash your body with soap and water. Also, focus on places on your body that require extra care and attention. This is the meditational way of showing self-love. In our daily lives, we are often so engrossed in others that we tend to forget to give ourselves the love we give to others.
This is like keeping a portion of your positivity for yourself. As you wash the soap off your body, place your hand on the heart centre of your body, take 5 deep breaths and calmly feel the warm radiation being emitted from your heart. To end it finally, pour water down yourself one last time as you say ‘I love you- thank you’

We really hope this helps you in your busy life where you often forget to give yourself enough love and appreciation.

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