5 Simple Ways To Overcome Inferiority Complex

Inferiority complex can be understood as the feeling of general understanding of self in which a person perceives their own weaknesses and flaws as major and sees others’ personality just on the basis of their strengths, thus feeling bad about their own lack.

It is true that Inferiority complex can result in some serious psychological problems and can result in self-undermining; but it is easily possible to move away from it and live a healthy, happy and prosperous life which is full of self-esteem.
Here we share with you 5 simple ways to overcome Inferiority complex. You can easily follow these steps at home and thus can save hundreds of dollars spent on your treatment. These ways are:

1. Find out who you feel inferior to

You must not stop the inquiry at the point of realization that you have inferiority complex, but rather push through to find out the deeper reasons for it. It is better if you are able to pinpoint exactly what is causing that feeling inside you. If you are not able to find out the exact core for your problems then you may consider the list here to help you find it.
  • Physically attractive people
  • People who are extremely smart
  • Very rich people
  • People with large social groups
  • People with dynamic careers
Once you pinpoint your source of inferiority complex, you need to look for at least one thing in which you are better than them.

2. Stop worrying about what other people think about you.

This statement may sound weird as inferiority complex comes from within and from one’s own feelings about self. But the truth is that our own perceptions about ourselves are formed based on how other people judge us. You need to focus on what you like. You need to follow your dreams and fulfill your passions. Once you start loving yourself, others will do the same as well.

3. Build your self-confidence

Building your self-confidence goes a long way in feeling secured about one’s own self. The steps involved in building self-confidence are-
  • Treating yourself better. You need to focus on self-improvement. Things like healthy eating, exercising etc are very important for personal growth.
  • Doing what you love to do. You must ask yourself, “What do I love to do the most” and then make plans to make it happen.
  • Acting confidently. Psychologists have proved it that if you will fake confidence, soon you’ll have it.

4. Self-Talk

Self-talk refers to the way you talk to your own inner self. Self-talk comprises of the tone you use, the choice of your words, the structure of your arguments etc. When your self-talk is positive, that is using positive and encouraging words, your confidence increases. But when you use negative words to examine yourself, then you may end up feeling worthless if the failure persists.

5. Surrounding yourself with more positive people

It is a fact that the psychological mood of the person is always intricately linked to the people with whom they are in contact with. Thus, you must try to be with people who encourage you with kind words but give you constructive feedback as well.

What do you think about these ways of overcoming inferiority complex?

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