How To Transform Yourself Into A Genius

You don’t need to have Albert Einstein’s IQ to enhance your creativity, but you can use that skill to transform yourself into a genius. It’s all up to you whether you wish to proceed or not. Keep reading to learn about methods you can practice to develop yourself and become more creative.

How to become a genius:

1. Self-actualization using alchemy

Some assume that it works when you project yourself as being in the position that you want to be in. But if you become an alchemist, you will truly transform into a higher being. So if you can actively practice braver when something is scaring you, you aren’t faking anything. Being afraid is completely natural but pushing forward without letting that stop you is all on you.

2. Learning from your mistakes

Life has many pitfalls and you will inevitably fail and hurt yourself at least once. But nothing ends just because of a simple failure. You have the ability to take that mistake and turn it into something that is advantageous to you. Mistakes are the lessons you need to later make the right choices so that you don’t fall of the path you want to travel. They also teach you to feel compassion when others trip and fall on the road. While you can’t change what will happen, you can change the way you deal with it.

3. A state of not becoming

You reach this state when you can feel your link to all beings in the universe. You transcend even the meditative state. You now know that true awakening doesn’t mean you become something, it’s more like you need to slowly detach yourself from everything around you. You aren’t co-dependent on anyone or anything but the emergence of your true self and the knowledge that you will find can tell you that being interdependent is simply being tied to the rest of the universe.

4. Conquering the self

Native Americans have a practice called counting coup wherein a warrior shames an opponent in combat while he himself is not harmed in any way. Doing this to yourself takes extreme bravery because you bring everything you dislike, everything that you are ashamed of into the open. But this is necessary if you wish to come out victorious and have full control over your life.

5. Truly seeing

All of us have been conditioned by society since birth but by using the counter-weltanschauung dynamics, we can see past this indoctrination. You need to start asking questions and expanding your mind. Try to use empathy when you want look at everything and understand that there is always a way to get past conflicts and live in harmony. Look at your own self and when you have understood it, step into someone else’s shoes and look at what they see.

6. Going against the norm

This is known as Promethean audacity or Dionysian disobedience. Both were famous Greeks who did not bind themselves by existing societal norms. When you go against these set conditions, it is not to hurt anything but to see what you can achieve when you are not restrained. Only when you move away from the norm can you see what is beyond. This act of disobedience is necessary if you wish to become your true self.

7. Encountering the Great Mystery

This is no small task and it requires you to be completely isolated and deep in meditation. Your whole life needs to be based on strength and bravery. Once you conquer yourself and develop flexibility and the ability to adapt in any situation, you are on the path to turning yourself into a cosmic hero. You will understand where you are placed in the great scheme of things and how you can contribute
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