7 Dream Signs That Indicate You Are Remembering Your Past Life

Dreams are a reflection of our subconscious mind. Some people can remember certain dreams vividly and some dreams leave a very vague impression on people. We often have dreams which we have no recollection of but sometimes those dreams may be of our past life.

We often choose to ignore them but they can have a deep hidden meaning. Some dreams are also about your future. What a person should really learn is how to differentiate between the dreams of the past life and the future life. Whenever we go out we capture the favorite moments with the help of a camera so that it remains forever with us.
Similarly, when we are enlightened with a certain moment of our life, our mind makes memories of them. Although we cannot relive those moments in reality, we can feel bits and pieces of them through those memories.
Everyone had a past life and everyone will have another life after death; this is where the concept of after-life comes into play. The dreams of your past life act like pillars that guide you in your future life so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes all over again.

1. People & Places that don’t exist in this timeline:

These two are the most common things that we interact with on a daily basis. We might forget the one without the other but when two of the things are kept side by side then we get a clearer picture. We recognize the people and places in dreams about our present life and the opposite happens in case of our past life.

2. You look and act different in your dream:

If you ever see a dream where you do not recognize yourself at all. It means that the dream is a reflection of your past life. In that dream, you only look the same. But you act differently, your behavior is different and so is your name.

3. Dreams are always the same without changes:

The dreams about your future are not at all static. They keep on changing and every time you would be at different places, among different people. This is mainly because the future is yet to be decided and only time will reveal the real thing. But the past life has happened and it will stay the same till you die.

4. Physical injuries:

In dreams, we might often find that certain injuries are the same as the ones in real life. This may be because you are stressing yourself way too much about your current injuries. For example, you may have a finger broken in your right arm and the same thing is there in your dreams.

5. Something missing:

Dreams often reflect our deepest desires and wants. We might be missing something in our present life that we must have had in our past life. Thinking about it more and more in our subconscious mind reflects the image of our dreams.

6. Déjà vu:

We might dream about a particular incident and have no recollection of it. Then one day in reality, when we go through an even that, is similar to the one you dreamt of, the feeling that you have is called Déjà vu. It can happen after a short time or even after a long time.

7. You feel older than your age:

There are a lot of people who believe that age is just a number and the spirit lives on forever. Whereas on the other hand, people who are young feel like they have become very old and their lives have no meaning anymore. This might be the result of many actions and reincarnations in your past life.
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