Easily Recognizable Symptoms Of Lightworker Awakening

A lot of us grow up never really feeling at home or ever finding our “tribe”. You always feel out of place during family or social events that involve barbeques or potlucks because you always feel wrong when faced with the prospect of eating another living being.

You have always seemed to have a higher than general sense of consciousness and felt like you had a responsibility towards everything in the world.
Labels like “weirdo” have been thrown at you your whole life but you could not figure out why or how others could not see what you meant by certain things.
If you relate to these things, you are a lightworker. There may have been many times that you have wondered about what is happening and why you are feeling everything on such a deep level but fret not, you are not weird or crazy. If you relate to the following points, call yourself a lightworker and let the other insensitive tags and labels go:

1. No one understands you

You often feel lost and frustrated because no one else seems to understand what you mean and what you do. You try to make a certain statement but it is often perceived as something entirely different by others.

2. Sense of purpose

You know and have always known that you were sent to this Earth because you have a purpose, and that is not just living, breathing, eating and other mundane activities of the sort. Your purpose is something greater.

3. You always help

Whenever someone asks you for help, you never shy away and are generally the first one to offer help and actually stick it out until you have done your part. You cannot not help people when you see them suffering or going through a bad time.

4. Empathetic

You do not just listen to people when they talk about their struggles; you feel them in your heart. You feel them as though you are going through all of that yourself, but that does not make you shy away from listening to other people’s problems. You are beyond just a shoulder for people to cry on, you are like home.

5. Hurt

Keeping the two points above in mind, you notice that you always seem to attract people that are not good for you or hurt you in the end. You cannot seem to leave those people behind because anywhere you go; you find new versions of the people you used to deal with.

6. Vegetarian/ Vegan

You are drawn towards food that is organic and natural. You are not a meat eater because it makes you feel guilty for stripping the life off of some being that deserved to be alive just as much as anyone else.

7. Nature lover

You are most comfortable when surrounded by nature. It is where you truly find yourself and gain your peace of mind. The busy city life, filled with concrete and paved roads, chokes you, suffocates you and holds you back from living your best life.

8. You are kind

Kindness is a virtue that you embody completely. Your friends and family always tell you how virtuous, kind and soft you are, how you put other people selflessly before you and are always ready to help anyone in need.

9. Not afraid of death

Death does not scare you. You know and realise that nothing is realer or more certain than death itself so there is no use being afraid of it. Nobody can escape it.

10. You don’t understand religion

You do not belong to or follow any either.

11. You don’t belong here

You are always out of place; it just does not feel like home.

12. You are anything but mainstream

The mainstream bores you like nothing else. You are always interested in the road not taken.

13. Social work

You have an unmatched passion for social work.
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