7 Key Attitudes To Manifesting Your Desires

If you want to learn manifestation, you need to begin with the right attitude. Attitude is another way of saying the right frame of mind.

Why the Right Attitude is Key

If you listen to the great singers, you would find that they are normal one moment and then full of energy, tears, or excitement the next. And it impacts the audience in seconds! What does that have to do with manifestation? The answer is that singers are practitioners of emotional manifestation. To Will yourself to tears is a skill. To move others to tears is a manifestation. To do that, they need to be in the right attitude.

7 Key Attitudes to Manifesting your Desires

But what are the right attitudes for manifestation of our desires?
Here are the 7 key attitudes for manifestation.
These are the attitudes needed during the manifestation process.
The right frame of mind before the manifestation helps you to better your chances of your outcome and throughout.
  • Detachment of the end-result

What happens when you care about the end-result? Most likely it doesn’t end well. It never does.
We start thinking about it, then fantasize it, and then comes the anxiety and doubt.
Two days later we worry about when it will happen or if it will happen at all.
Although we all do it at one point, it is best not to have expectations of your manifestation or you will always be disappointed.
“Oh No, my manifestation didn’t work at 2:14 pm on a Sunday Morning as I walk to my front porch like I wanted it.”
A bit exaggerated, but true nonetheless. If we were to have this attitude of expectations, then we will psyche ourselves out.

• Become free of the Outcome. Focus on the present.

Detachment doesn’t mean you are cold and withdrawal, it means you forgot it.
When you forget, you are really forgetting on a conscious level and leaving the subconscious mind to do the work.
Forget your desires. You don’t need it. You are never desperate for it. A bit counter-intuitive but that is the attitude you will need.
After your manifestation, don’t try to manifest anymore and you’ll somehow manifest it.
  • I Create My Life Attitude

When you have the attitude that you create your life, you take control and take responsibility for everything that happens in your life.
You’ll understand how everything is interconnected and we each play a role in our manifestation.
It doesn’t matter what happens, it matters what you will do with it.
You will have the power, energy and vibration you need for your manifestation. Coming from the state of power is coming from the state of love.
The subtlest use of energy can create the biggest impact.
A confident man can grab attention from the entire room as he walk in because they have felt his vibe, his vibration, his energy.
That frame of mind open new doors to new opportunities. With new opportunities, you allow the Universe to manifest what you believe are opened doors.
In reality, you create your life.
  • Trust

Your desires is within your reach. You know you have it. You know that it will happen.
There is no doubt, only an inner knowingness.
If you can’t see it, it will be harder for you to create it.
You expect the best and you believe you deserve it even though you don’t have all the answers. It’s because you trust that it will happen. How?
You. Just. Know.
  • Life is a game

Whether you have your manifestation or not, win or lose, life is but a huge realistic game.
Seeing life as a game opens our playfulness and creativity instead of limitation.
This brings out our confidence and resilience that will bring our desires to the table.
  • Acting on your desires 

Somehow we get the sense that manifestation is sitting down, visualize, and wait for it to happen.
The truth is that manifestation is always happening. The world doesn’t owe you anything.

• Start taking control. 

Take the attitude that you will act and act you will.
There is nothing stronger than to move your mind, emotion, spirit and body in the direction of your desire.
Your desires will be sent out to the Universe which replies back by intuition.
If you listen to your intuition and act on it, it will lead a sequence of events toward your manifestation.
But that is only one of many ways how the outcome has manifested.
Instead of getting stuck in dreams and wishful thinking, you Make the manifestation. You Make your desires possible by any means.
  • Patience

When I say patience, it is another form of forgetting.
You don’t worry about how patient you are, you simply forgot and do your thing. You forget about time.
Act as if you never perform your manifestation. But always lead with your intent.
The universe works in mysterious ways and it is not up to us to control the living intelligent life-force.
Life should be touched, not strangled. We don’t need all the answers, making everything perfect and controlling everything.
We only need to be aware. The Universe will help. Have patience.
  • Challenge is opportunity

Sometimes you don’t get what you expected. Sometimes the Universe tests you and your commitment.
You will come across your limitations and your limitation is telling you where you need to overcome.
For example, you wish to manifest a relationship.
You suddenly met someone but you feel fear because of some past actions or belief.
It is that limitation you need to overcome before receiving the manifestation.
The attitude to see obstacles as challenges reinforces the rest of the attitudes: that you are aware of your manifestation and you are directing your road: will you continue or quit?
You always have a choice.

How can “I” have All of These Attitudes at Once?

It is better not to think of these attitudes as something you must change in your life but to remember these attitudes as something which already lies within you.
Like the actor who uses their memory to bring them real tears for the scene, the best way to remember is to go through all 7 attitudes and remember a time when you have felt that state of mind.
Then you will remember how it feels and know what to do. All comes down to core belief, desire and trust.
Never manifest in a bad mood. Never manifest when you are sick or unclear.
But always manifest from your true desires. Your true commitment. Your true spirit.
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