Are You A Real Empath? You Should Definitely Avoid Doing 5 Things

If you have recently discovered that you are an empath then you must have come to terms with the weird feelings and the draining encounters and you now know that they all meant something.

You are now aware why you felt a strong connection with all the people but still wanted to avoid them as they made your head spin. You now know why you were finding it difficult to build balanced relationships.
After all these realizations you are probably now ready to confront all those confusing emotions that come with being an empath. But before all that you must know what to avoid.

Showing Resistance and Denial 

If you are destined for being an empath, then you cannot escape it no matter what. Thus you must not resist it but rather embrace it. You’ll find that when after a long time you forgive people for their bad behavior and for using you for their own benefit, you fall back into the same trap again and then again feel bitter for days and weeks. You might even feel bad for yourself for allowing your brain to do so.

Making a Victim of Yourself

In every social situation you let other people gang up and dump all their emotional shit on you. You always try to soak up everything that has gone wrong for them. You allow all this emotional shit dumping on a subconscious level so that others are able to enjoy the comfort that comes when they are distracted from their own downfalls. But this practice is detrimental to your own self. You become the victim because you start thinking that you deserve it. You try to become a people pleaser which is not good for your soul growth.

Forgetting The Role Of Karma

The truth is that you are an empath because you choose, in this life or after this, to have an unpleasant and intense experience. This experience can be anything, ranging from the terrifying first-hand experience of death, a public killing (in riot) to experiencing a full scale war and mass murder.  This experience could have been a part of your current life and you must understand that it occurred because your soul chooses to undergo that experience.

Draining Yourself To Exhaustion 

As an empath we tend to soak up the emotions of all the people around us but doing so on a daily basis can be very exhausting. And if you are a people pleaser, then you’ll let all the people to think that you are emotionally weak and will allow them to dump their emotional garbage on you. All this is a result of your victimization and low self worth. You have stopped taking care of your own self and all this has taken you further from the divine.

Stop Trying 

You have become so overwhelmed by all the emotional problems till now that you choose to cave in. You gave up on all your hopes of finding people worth knowing and thus you have developed a thick armor around yourself. This prevent others who could genuinely be interested in you from knowing you better and thus further isolates you.
But you must always remember that no hole is too deep for you. You can take your head out of the hole and see the bigger picture and can let yourself be closer to the divine again by using your gifts for the better.
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