Our Energetic System – How Our Bodies & Chakras Interact

So often we hear about our different energetic bodies and the physical body and how they work for themselves. But there is not much information out there, how they interact.

Once we understand how the different parts are working together and linking into each other, manifestation and healing becomes so much easier. There are a lot of different bodies that are described and talked about by different healers and scientists. I would like to focus on the four most important ones: The spiritual body, the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body. 
When understanding their relation, then we understand how our system works energetically. First of all, we have to be aware that everything in this universe is energy. Thoughts, emotions, physical pain are all just energy frequencies vibrating at different levels. The higher the frequency, the closer to Source/God and thus unconditional love and bliss it gets. Just as an example: fear and anger are very low in vibration, while happiness and love are very high.
Let’s take a look at the four mentioned different bodies. I put them down in the order of density, starting with the lightest and closest to the higher spiritual realms and ending with the densest.

Our energetic Body System

1. The Spiritual Body

The spiritual body connects us to the higher realms. Here, we take on all the spiritual information and downloads we get from our higher self, our monad and our spiritual guides and angelic energies. This is the part of us that is logged into the field of higher collective consciousness permanently, the ‘one mind’ that connects all individual human beings into oneness. This connects us also to the creator energy (Christ Consciousness, Source Light or whatever you want to call it). This energy is the sacred sexual energy, perfectly balanced between masculine, feminine and the divine. This energy, often called Third Energy, is expressed through the heart chakra. It is experienced with unconditional love and feels completely different than the sexual experiences we have known before, when it was released through the lower chakras only.

2. The Mental Body

The mental body is where we create our thoughts. In a healthy system, we pick up the frequencies of our spiritual body through our crown chakra (which is on top of our head) and transform these in concrete thoughts and ideas – so called intentions – to prepare for manifestation. This is also the place where our ego interferes. It sits like a little parasite between the mental and the emotional body and creates a lot of chaos with its presence. We will go into detail a bit later.

3. The Emotional Body

The emotional body creates what we feel and supports the thoughts that we think to manifest. It adds the feelings to the intention. In a healthy system, we create emotions of high vibrations, based on abundance and unconditional love. So we add emotions of , joy, gratitude, playfulness, compassion etc. If the emotional body is steered by ego, it is fed with low vibrations based on scarcity and fear, such as, anger, greed, jealousy, blame or resentment.

4. The Physical Body

The physical body is our vehicle to bring manifestation to fruition. We translate the input of the three other bodies into physical reality. When writing a text or creating a painting, we are using our hands to type or paint. When we intend joy through playfulness, our body starts moving, running, kicking a ball etc. It is also the part that expresses through symptoms how healthy or unhealthy our overall system is and how well the energy flow functions through our system.
To understand the energy flow through our system, we have to understand the chakras a bit better. We can have a rough distinction between the spiritual chakras and the earthly chakras. So far, it is still very common to speak of a seven chakra system. But as we are moving into a next step of evolution, a twelve chakra system is activated for all of us. The old seven chakra system is also upgraded from the 3rd dimension into 5th dimensional aspects. That means, that also through these chakras, we are able to take in much higher frequencies than before. This requires a complete cleansing of lower frequencies first. When this shift happens, the colours of the chakras and how they radiate change as well. But that is not the end of it. When our energy flow is stabilized on a 5th dimensional level, the chakras will be removed. All that will be left is a pillar of light, representing the main energy stream that supplies all meridians. This is when our energetic system becomes truly self-sustainable again with no need to actively balance anything anymore.

Our 12-Chakra System

1. The Stellar Gateway

The stellar gateway is our gateway to our monadic wisdom. The monad is our oversoul, which created or split off our soul and aspect of consciousness. A monad always consists of a male and a female aspect and carries the overall universal wisdom. This is where we are connected to our soul family on a spiritual level. It is about 15 inches above our head and looks like a golden orange sun.

2. The Soul Star Chakra

The soul star chakra shines in a beautiful magenta pink. The higher aspect of it contains all of our soul’s wisdom and here we can access our own innate gifts and powers. It is about seven inches below the stellar gateway. The lower aspect contains the past experiences and traumas of our whole family lineage. Once this part is healed, it drops away.

3. The Causal Chakra

The causal chakra is where we connect to the spiritual world and angelic frequencies. Here we can find the deep secrets of inner peace and eternal life. It shines in a very glowing white, like the full moon. It sits above and slightly behind your crown chakra, which is on top of your head.

4. The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra opens when you are ready to accept and take in the codes of higher light and Source wisdom. This is only possible, when you have raised your frequency already significantly and have rid yourself of low vibrations such as fear or anger, guilt or blame. If this energetic centre is closed, we do not experience spirituality at all. The ego likes this blockage to make sure we do not get any funny downloads that could free ourselves and follow our inner guidance. If it is open, and we experience the spiritual connection, which is hard to express in words, because we enter the world of feeling, not speaking. It is golden-white. When the third dimensional aspect is still prevailing, it is of purple colour.

5. The Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is the centre to see clearly through the veils and dimensions. This chakra is connected to our mental body. Here, our thoughts visualize and show as creative ideas and insights. When this chakra is blocked, it can lead to the fact, that we have no creativity at all. The ego likes to block here to keep us trapped in secure routines and jobs. It shines like a crystal ball. Before completely healed and more in the 3rd dimensional aspect, it shines dark blue.

6. The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is about communication. It is assisting us to speak the truth and light. Here, we communicate with the spiritual world as well as with the physical world. This is also the chakra where we take responsibility for our own needs and where we express our authentic self. When this chakra is blocked, we are not able to express our needs. It can be that we are not noticed or heard. The ego blocks here to protect us from being different and keep our true opinion and attitude to ourselves. When completely healed and 5th dimensional, it is of a royal blue colour. The 3rd dimensional aspect of this chakra is rather light blue.

7. The Heart Chakra

Our heart chakra is the link between the spiritual energies and the physical energies. It transforms the lower energies from the lower chakras into higher frequencies and vice versa. We love through our heart chakra. The energy flowing through this centre connects us to all life. The more it opens, the larger is our ability to love unconditionally. We share this love with everyone and everything when this chakra is fully healed. When this chakra is blocked, we are not able to feel, to give or to receive love. The ego likes to block here to protect us from being harmed or vulnerable. It is shining in a soft pink when fully healed and 5th dimensional. When the 3rd dimensional aspect is still prevailing, the colour is green.

8. The Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra is the source of our knowledge and wisdom. Here, our soul knowledge is transferred into concrete creative ideas. Here, we recognize our uniqueness and we have found the answer to where we belong. We have found our place on earth and are able to be vulnerable and accept our feelings when this chakra is healthy. When it is blocked, we are not able to experience feelings at all. Our ego likes to put blockages here and let us experience only lower feelings of fear, anger, blame, guilt or resentment. It shines in a warm golden colour. The lower 3rd dimensional aspect shines yellow.

9. The Navel Chakra

This chakra is also reactivated now with the next step of evolution. It is the earthly centre of oneness and the experience of community with all beings on earth and in the universe. It shines in radiant orange.

10. The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra is the centre of sexuality. When this chakra is healed, we have no attachments and can experience our sexuality freely. When free of fear, we have lost the need for sexuality because we can access these energies by ourselves without a partner. With a healthy sacral chakra, we overcome the illusion of separation, whether in physical union or in spiritual union. When this chakra is blocked, then we are either not able to enjoy sex at all or to come to an orgasm, or if there is a misbalance, we might be only able to enjoy when we are in control, or vice versa when we are controlled. The ego loves to block here, resulting in self-doubt and feelings of not being worthy. When completely healed, it radiates in a bright pink. Before that it shines orange.

11. The Base Chakra

Our base chakra is where we create our will to live in physical reality. We say yes to our physical experience here on earth. When fully healed, here we find our trust that our needs are always met. When this chakra is completely blocked, we don’t want to be here and are often even suicidal. We feel we have to fight for everything in life. It is a place where the ego loves to be, because when blocking here, it manages to keep us in fear and mistrust. It shines in a platinum colour when all lower frequencies are cleared and it is 5th dimensional. Before that, it has a deep red colour.

12. The Earth Star Chakra

The earth star chakra is of black and white colour and twelve inches below our feet. It holds the seeds of our vast potential and is where we are connected with earth. Here is the place where we actively manifest and create our physical reality. It is the chakra that connects our spiritual aspects to mother earth.
Now that we have learned what the different chakras are and about their characteristics, we can take a look at some examples that explain better how our whole system operates.

How our Energetic System works

1. Channeling

When we are channeling messages from the higher realms, then our spiritual body receives so-called downloads from the higher realms. Depending on where these messages come from, the chakras they are transferred to differ. If we receive a message from our oversoul, this message is taken in through the stellar gateway and then passed on to the crown chakra to enter our process system for manifestation. If the message comes from our higher self, the soul star picks it up and transfers it. If it is a message from an archangel or ascended master, it enters through the causal chakra.So let’s make an example. We are receiving a channeling in our spiritual body from archangel Metatron. This enters our system through the causal chakra. To put it into the process of manifestation, it is passed on to the crown chakra. All other chakras are activated and contribute to the manifestation of putting the message out into the world. The earth star chakra on our very bottom brings this message down to earth so that people are able to receive it.
The third eye chakra is connected with the mental body and transfers the received downloads into concrete thoughts. These thoughts are picked up by the throat chakra and are transferred into language and expression. The heart chakra, which is connected to the emotional body, adds the necessary love and joy to the message and transfers the higher energies into frequencies that the lower chakras can receive. Now looking at the lower chakras, the solar plexus chakra puts it into a creative text and form. The navel chakra makes sure that the connection to all people that need to hear this message is established. The sacral chakra adds the sexual energy of creation and union and the base chakra adds the necessary trust in the sender of the message. When looking at the energy bodies again, it becomes clear what happens. The spiritual body passes the information on to the mental body, which creates a thought and passes it then on to the emotional body, which adds the feelings of high vibration to it and then it is transferred to the physical body which actually creates and manifests the text. Channeling becomes unneccessary once we are anchored in 5D, as we are then part of unity consciousness and naturally have access all the time. There is no need to build up a channel into this frequency.

So far so good, but what happens if chakras are blocked and thus our bodies are not fully healthy? Let’s take the example of manifestation for that.

2. Manifestation

Now, this is what happens in our bodies when we are creating our reality. In a fully healthy system, manifestation would just happen as described above with the channeling. We would create on basis of abundance and love and high frequencies are sent out from our system, and we attract the same high frequencies that will manifest into form for us, either by someone else, or by ourselves.
Much more interesting is what happens, when there are some energetic blockages or lower frequencies mixed into the equation. Let’s say, we want to manifest that we become a successful writer. The spiritual body picks it up from our higher self and transfers it to our mental body. The mental body creates the respective thoughts and hands it over to the emotional body. Now, we if we still have our ego sitting on this level and blocking our chakras, it will immediately mix our pure thoughts and highest intentions with emotions of fear and doubt. “I am not good enough to be a successful writer”, could be one of these ego mantras. All of a sudden, we project scenarios of what we do not want to happen into physical reality. This leads to the fact that we are sending out low frequencies, and the original good intention is turned around and we attract the opposite. This is also called self-fulfilling prophecy.
By the way, there are a lot of ego-based wishes people are trying to manifest, for example to improve their social status. As those already carry a frequency of fear, it is mostly the opposite that happens or it is only possible with a lot of effort. And even then, it is hard to keep that status.

3.  Physical Illnesses

Another thing that is very important to understand is how physical illnesses actually evolve. It is nothing else but a manifestation process. Let’s take the example of a patient who suffered from a heart attack. He was working in a stressful job with lots of responsibility and feeling under pressure constantly. Ego clearly was in the lead (if not he would not have suffered from a heart attack in the first place). He has a very important project to fulfil and is running behind schedule. First, the mental body is starting with spiralling thoughts. This will keep him awake over night and he will be worrying and projecting all kinds of horror-scenarios into the future. If a human being is not able to dissolve spiralling thoughts right away on that level, for example by just going into the now, meditating, sports or similar, then the emotional body takes it in. It is adding the respective emotions to it. Fear of not succeeding, fear of not being good enough, anger towards himself and others, blame towards himself and others etc. This makes the poor guy feel very uncomfortable and adds stress to it. If he is not able to dissolve the emotions on this level right away, and his emotional body is already fully occupied by low frequency patterns, then the physical body will take in and store the emotions, similar to an external drive of a computer, when the local drives are already full. First the body reacts with hormones to balance e.g. adrenalin, to kind of force the person to rid itself from the energy. If that is ignored,  then it might react with fatigues to get the person to rest. Unfortunately there are millions of pharmaceuticals in the market so that a person that is so trapped in fear will rather take in drugs into the system than fail on the project. So the body keeps on sending warning signals until it lets something happen to force the person to stop and rest. The system collapses. In that case through a heart attack.
So it is actually very simple.  We have to learn to quiet our ego, replace our fear patterns and learn how to dissolve spiralling thoughts and negative emotions immediately. If not, they will be taken in by our physical body and will become a ticking time-bomb. Depending on where the weak spots are of that person and what kind of emotion is stored into the physical body, it can cause all kinds of diseases. Chronicle diseases like asthma, backpain or migraines, or sneaking diseases like cancer or multiple sclerosis. The fact how we treat our physical body (drinking, smoking, caffeine, unhealthy food, no sports, no fresh air etc.) adds to the suffering and illness.

Therefore it must be our goal to leave ego-land for good and stay in high frequencies all the time. This leads us to health, happiness and inner peace.

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