The Importance Of The Ego As A Survival Mechanism

Not a lot of people understand how crucial ego is in our lives. It is our mode of survival. It makes sure we survive every day.

Although most people consider ego to be a negative trait, it has many good sides to it which increases the connectivity between God and humans. Once we are able to understand that ego is beneficial for us, we will be able to appreciate life and admire our surroundings, physical and spiritual.
A lot of research has been done in recent times about the role of ego in our lives by educated and knowledgeable people. However, due to a biased understanding, ego has always been portrayed as something unhealthy and ugly.
It destroys us and creates all sorts of problems within ourselves and with others. Listening to our ego means going on the wrong path and making mistakes, mixing with bad people and even worse disobeying the Divine.
It cannot be entirely ignored as due to imbalance in the ego related energy, factors like adaptability, vulnerability and influence affects us adversely and creates unnecessary issues. There are a lot of incidents which all of us can tell that occurred due to giving way to negative ego energy.
However you would be surprised to know that these traits of ego are specifically designed to help us survive life’s hardships which are indeed really helpful. It’s our only effective mechanism to protect ourselves from dangerous situations, no matter how idiotic or ugly it gets. It’s important to pay attention to one difference.
It’s definitely us and not our ego that takes some decisions regarding the kind of life we want to live and our survival plans. There is only so much our ego can do, the main actions are solely ours. It is up to us to truly analyze what our ego energy is doing to change our lives for the better.
No matter what our ego tells us to do, it is finally our decision to understand whether we simply want our lives to pass by filled with pain and stagnancy or truly experience the nuances of life in its raw form. We should be taking the conscious decision to let ourselves appreciate fully what life is all about.
Ego helps us understand the positive ways of living life especially when it is balanced and also encourages wholesome ideas and thoughts. Once its good effects start affecting every sphere of our lives it will directly impact our relationships, success, intellect, making us more energetic, joyous, confident and relaxed. Arguments get settled due to positive impact of ego energy.
These massive transformations take place only when we let our ego energy bring out the good traits within us and also when we choose to truly live life as it is and appreciate the beauty of it.
Apart from these personal and societal changes that might take place, it also affects our Divine and spiritual beliefs. Esteemed individuals like priests, god-men, guides and writers reject the notion of good ego as to them ego is the root of all chaos.
However that is caused only by imbalance which is misinterpreted as ego’s motive rather than ours. Those possessing huge authority often don’t believe in the Divine and think their life is in their control always.
On the other hand, people with very low ego adaptability join radical sides, downplaying the efforts of the conscious beings. Ego doesn’t meddle in any of these situations directly. Ego has no other awareness of things unless the person himself believes in them.

Maintaining a balanced ego energy will bring us closer to God and raise our spirituality and divinity, eradicating all unfairness and differences.

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